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Valentine’s Day Etiquette for Children

Last night as my children and I sat together making Valentine Cards share with classrooms; we engaged in a conversation about Valentine’s Day’s past. I realized that maybe there needs to be some Valentine’s Day Etiquette for Children as I listened to my children tell me of children who cried at the Classroom Party because they didn’t get a Valentine from someone and many other moments that made my heart sink.

Here’s a list of what we came up with:

1.) If your child is giving out Valentine’s in the classroom, make sure that there is a Valentine for every single child.

2.) If your child doesn’t want to give a Valentine to everyone, consider the options. They can opt not to give Valentine’s to anyone, or perhaps they prefer to give a more personal and special Valentine to those that they are more friendly with while still providing a generic Valentine card to the others.

3.) If you have a creative child, let them create their own Valentines. Doilies, construction paper, glitter, scissors, and other art mediums are great for inspiration.

4.) Store-Bought Valentine Cards are perfectly fine. My son prefers just to write his name on the back, while my girls glam them up with ribbons, glitter, and whatever else their heart desires!

5.) Cards are appreciated. Some may choose to put candies and treats with the card, but it’s a personal choice. My seven-year-old has been carrying around a Valentine Card given to her last week because she loves it.

Please help us add to our list. What advice do you have to keep Valentine’s Day fun for everyone?

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