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How to Make a Pirate Hat #DIY

Argh! Pirate Hat Tutorial!
Easy Pirate Hat Tutorial #DIY
My Li’l Man loves to use his imagination. Today he was playing “Pirate” and as I watched him I realized, “He needs a really cool hat”…so I set to create. It took about 10-minutes (start to finish) to make and he’s been playing with it for over an hour now!
How to Make a Pirate Hat
Ours is made out of black felt, but you can use paper–my mock-pirate-hat was and it worked GREAT!
Use this pattern. It is folded in half to fit on my scanner. The length measures 14.5″ and the height is 4.5″
pirate hat pattern
You’ll want to measure 1.5″ on each side on the bottom. You will cut between these markings to make the “hat” opening.
Trace your pattern on to felt or paper.
I traced the whole thing, rather than use the fold to give you an idea of how it will look.
It should look something like this when you are finished:
how to make a pirate hat tutorial
Cut it out.
how to make a pirate hat tutorial
Now, cut a strip of fabric (I used a knit) about 4″ wide and long enough to tie around your child’s head, like a dew rag)
how to make a pirate hat tutorial
Fold hat and strip of fabric in half and line up together.
Sew one edge of the fabric to the wrong side of the felt, along with the “cut” for the “hat”.
Turn hat over and decorate it however you want. We made a skeleton and bones!
Then place head through the slit in center and tie the “bandana” on to secure the hat in place!
how to make a pirate hat tutorial
You’re done!
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