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Dogwood Creations Feature


Starting in September I begin sewing costumes. I love the whole creative process, however, by the time Halloween “haunts” up on me, I’m totally over sewing….I have my costume…Super Grover! It’s my favorite and my kiddos and their friends LOVE it.

Know what everyone LOVES about my Super Grover Costume? The CAPE.  It’s almost as awesome as I am!

Then I ran across Dogwood Creations and I bow down in awe. Cathy from Georgia is the owner and creator and she sews capes. Ahem…SUPER HERO Capes. She sews them year round. That’s impressive!

Her shop is named after her home state and a fond memory from her childhood. “Georgia is known for their beautiful dogwood trees. I also had lots of them in our yard as a child. My dad would always take pictures of us in our Easter dresses around the Dogwood trees. ”

Somewhere in those pictures is her sister. “My sister was a big encouragement to making the leap and selling online. She first introduced me to Etsy and it seemed like a great site to sell my handmade items. ”

Dogwood Creations is the gift of a mother teaching her daughter to sew. “I learned to sew and craft from my Mom. She is a great seamstress. I first started sewing for my dolls and stuffed animals.”

After decades of sewing. Cathy still doesn’t cut corners. It’s this attention to detail that sets Dogwood Creations apart from others.  ” I love my products and I take the time to make sure they are right.”

While she takes great pride in all her work, Cathy says her absolute favorite creation is “I love my Super Hero Capes! I think because my kids love to wear theirs all the time!”

Super Heroes and their capes are, indeed, mighty fabulous. I know when I’m wearing mine as Super Grover there are just things I do better! Though I’m feeling a little jealous because Cathy’s capes are REVERSIBLE and have a great EMBLEM!


Dogwood Creations isn’t JUST about turning an ordinary child into a Super Hero…oh, heavens no! Cathy also has a line of tote bags! Her totes are 12.5″x12″ making them the ideal size for anyone, including tiny tots!

She also offers a selection of lined, zippered pouches. Some even have a matching tissue cover. I’m thinking multi-functional on this item!

The thing that lured me to Dogwood Creations was her Quiet Book. I love the pictures and the hand detail is stunning! The one she currently has listed is a “Love” theme and gushingly adorable!

How does Cathy find inspiration? “I love to look in magazines and go to the fabric store. I get some ideas from my kids, they will come up with an idea and we will go to the sewing room and pick out fabric and start cutting and sewing. Those are best sometimes, no pattern just our imagination! ”

It’s this imagination that fosters into the creative process of Dogwood Creations. “I usually get an idea and start making lists and jotting down my ideas on paper. Then I make my patterns and start sewing! It is a wonderful feeling when a project is complete! ”

While Cathy has made small quilts she’s wanting to do a large one. It’s on her list.

Apart from creating things Cathy shares, “I love to create – scrapbook, sew, knit, read, cook, and run.”

Cathy uses her superhero powers to find time to craft, “I use every free moment. I can get a lot done once my kids are in bed and the house is quiet.” Those kiddos are her greatest accomplishment–I bet they think she’s “Super” Mom!

There is no sign in Cathy’s future of slowing down. Ten years from now, “I see myself still creating and sewing!”

I was going to include some customer feedback, then I ran across this video…it’s Dogwood Creations Cape in ACTION! I think you’ll agree, a video speaks a thousand words!

The cape is handmade by Cathy.
It is reversible, one side is made with a blue cotton fabric with a white felt circle and a yellow felt lightning bolt. The other side has a cotton fabric of the stars.
The cape has a Velcro strip to close the neck pieces; this makes it easy for even little ones to put the cape on and off themselves.
It measures about 21 inches in length from the back of the neck down.
It is perfect for ages 2 to 6.
It retails for $18.00.


Disclosure: No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post. The opinions above are my own and were not in any way influenced by the sponsor. Other’s experience may vary.


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