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Tutorial: Chalkboard Flower Pots

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A Simple and Fun Project
 peeps basket to planter
For This Project You Will Need:

Terra cotta pot and saucer in the desired size

Terracotta spray sealant for pot

Chalkboard paint

Painter’s tape

Acrylic paints in desired colors (it is great if you know the person’s favorite color)

A couple of pieces of chalk


Cardstock (colored and white)

Decorative paper


Bamboo skewer (or craft sticks)

A pretty plant/flower


For the Flower Pot and Saucer:

1. Spray terra cotta spray sealant on pot inside and out and saucer.

2. After the sealant is dry, paint the bottom portion of the pot with the chalkboard paint (I didn’t bother painting the inside of the pot). You may need a couple of coats to really cover it good.

3. I used painter’s tape around the pot just under the rim to keep a straight line with the acrylic paint then painted the rim and the saucer. Again, you may need a couple of coats to get really good coverage.

Optional For the Plant Pick:

1. Print your saying on white cardstock using a fun font. The saying is Miss _____ Thank You for Helping Me Grow, Love ______.

2. Cut your printed white cardstock to size and then adhere it to scrapbook paper and colored cardstock.

3. Decorate it with embellishments. Here I used paper punched flowers with a rhinestone.

4. Cut another piece of colored cardstock to size (this will be the back of your plant pick) and glue the front and back together with the bamboo skewer sandwiched in between.

5. Keep your plant in the pot you purchased it in and just set it inside the pot and stick your finished plant pick in.

6. Write Thank You on the pot with chalk.

7. Take 2 new pieces of chalk and tie a pretty ribbon around them.

The Morrison’s Project:
The Divine Miss M selected this project to give to her teacher for the last day of school. We modified the instructions slightly and used Spray Paint. It worked well!
We did not make a pick–it’s sad really.
This was a Father-Daughter Project. I was not involved at all!
Here’s our pot!
We also love the option as an Easter Basket.
peeps easter pot basket
And it’s great for everyday plants.
peeps basket to planter
Mommy's Memorandum
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