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Review: Baby Magic Patty Cake


Baby Magic Introduces the
World’s First Patented Dustless Baby Powder Compact
Patty Cake

Recently I was given the opportunity to review Baby Magic’s newest product, Patty Cake. I have to say this product is a wonderful change to traditional baby powder and we’re loving its versatility!

Baby Magic Patty Cake is the first Dustless Baby Powder compact. At first glance, it looks like a makeup compact. Then you open the compact and the fun starts, inside is a dustless pressed baby powder cake. To simplify the process, Included is a big stack of disposable powder applicators.

I love this product!  Gone are the days of shake baby powder. The dust drove me nuts and just think about you and baby inhaling all that loose powder. Yuck! I’ll admit I did use the shake and spread canisters when my boys were tiny tots. We lived in Miami, Florida and I needed the allies in keeping their sensitive skin dry

Baby Magic’s Patty Cake–I love the name–is Talc Free and there’s no dust particles as this is a dustless, pressed baby powder. It’s revolutionary in diaper changing and caring for young children. Baby Magic is a mom and physician approved brand for over 100 years.

The Patty Cake is a hypo-allergenic, talc-free powder  that uses rice starch and Lauroyl L-lysine to help keep skin dry. Together with zinc oxide, a proven ingredient in diaper rash prevention; moisturizing jojoba esters, derived from natural jojoba oil; and lubricating squalene, derived from olives; Patty Cake® eases chafing and dryness on the most sensitive areas.

Just take a look at this chart to see how it compares to other powders.

My little ones are older and we’ve discovered so many uses for Baby Magic’s Patty Cake. My four-year old is a sweating machine. I’ve used the Baby Magic Patty Cake under his arms, behind his knees and in the creases of his skin to keep him from getting heat rash. My six-year-old thinks is the coolest when I allow her to apply it to her neck when she’s out an about. I’ve used it before exercising and between my toes when I was breaking in a new pair of shoes. The possibilities are endless.

It’s easy to use.


Using the disposable cotton round applicators included in every package (extra rounds can be stored in compact), swipe applicator across Patty Cake®.

Apply baby powder on baby’s bottom and other areas that can use powder and are susceptible to irritating friction.
Not only is the precise application easy-to-use, the dustless formula eliminates the possibility of airborne particles from entering your baby’s lungs, something that is hard to avoid with all other baby powders.


Baby Magic Patty Cake has a suggested retail price of  $8.99 and each compact has more than 250 applications.
Patty Cake® will launch at CVS stores nationwide this month, with more retailers to follow.

* U.S. Patent 5747007

Disclosure: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive the product mentioned in this post to facilitate an honest review. The opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experience may vary.
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