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A Travel Guide to Enjoy Christmas Holidays in Budapest

A trip to Budapest might just be the perfect way for you to spend your holidays during the Christmas season. There are some incredible things you can see, experience and do in the capital city of Hungary. The weather is usually pleasant during the Christmas season which improves your enjoyment in Budapest.

However, before you get all excited and leave for Budapest, ensure that you have checked out the vacation rentals in Budapest as it may be difficult to get a room on the spot.

christmas market in Budapest

The Christmas Market In Budapest

A great vacation will always be incomplete without a visit to the local markets. In Budapest, there are not one, but two markets for you to visit during Christmas:

  • The Budapest Christmas Market located at Vorosmarty Square.
  • The Budapest Basilica Christmas Market located in front of the St. Stephen’s Basilica.

The market at Vorosmarty Square is hosted by Budapest Tourism while the other one is located in front of the biggest cathedral in Budapest. Each one is located within a short walk from the other. One benefit of getting vacation rentals in Budapest near these places is that you can enjoy the markets every day. You can enjoy evening shows, browse through some amazing handicrafts and gorge on some lip-smacking foods.

Christmas Shows and Music Concerts In Budapest

Concerts and shows are a common occurrence during the Christmas holidays. If you wish to partake of these activities, then you should get a rental accommodation nearby. Budapest hosts a number of concerts of a variety of genres and the number of concerts increases during the Christmas season.

During the entire season, there will be numerous concerts and shows in genres such as classical music, jazz and, of course, Christmas carols and gospels. Additionally, there is one show that you should never miss in Budapest. This is the world famous Nutcracker ballet show held in the Budapest Opera House. However, you need to know about the entry requirements beforehand.

St. Nicholas Day In Budapest

A Christmas is not a Christmas if there is no Santa Claus. Even Budapest knows this. However, Budapest has a different version of the Santa Claus. Traditionally, Santa Claus is supposed to visit on December 25 but in Hungary, it is around the 6th of December. Hungarians celebrate St. Nicholas Day and, Budapest is no different.

There are some great activities that take place during this day including taking a ride on an original steam train. So, before you plan ahead, make sure you collect valuable information about the trip from a credible trip advisor. This way, you can enjoy the vacations more with your family.

Cruise on the Danube River In Budapest

The Danube River flows through the city of Budapest. You can get vacation rentals in Budapest that are located near the river. This will allow you to take the scenic view of the river as well as the opposite bank. During Christmas, the banks of the Danube River are transformed with the lights and frills of the festivities which can make a truly memorable sight. Alternatively, you can get on a cruise on the Danube River. The cruise will take you on a tour of the most scenic places over the river. Don’t forget to capture those beautiful sceneries through your professional camera!

Budapest Christmas

Christmas Scenes in Budapest

If you plan to spend your Christmas holidays in Budapest, you will be amazed to see the happenings around you. You will also be able to explore the great and large city with complete freedom. The entire city gets gripped by the festivities and is decked in lights as there some breathtaking sights for you to enjoy.

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