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Top Tips For Skin Care After Delivery

During pregnancies and after giving birth, women undergo many changes. We gain weight, our vision changes, and even our taste and smell change. Due to the weight gain, blood circulation slows down, and we experience swelling in the limbs and face. During pregnancies, our skin also gets affected. We might get acne or unwanted facial hair. We might also have dry skin. Skin discoloration is extremely normal during pregnancies. About 90% of women face this problem during pregnancy. We usually think that women glow during their pregnancies. However, many pregnant women have to go through a skin breakdown. The glow that we get during pregnancies is due to increased blood flow. While this increased blood flow makes us look rosy, it may also lead to broken blood vessels, known as spider angiomas (Wikipedia).

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How Our Skin Gets Damaged During Pregnancy And Delivery

According to Healthline, One of the most common skin damage during pregnancy is melasma, the discoloration of the skin.

This is caused due to the high estrogen and progesterone levels, which trigger melanocytes, causing dark spots on the skin.

Moreover, we have to face spider angiomas during pregnancy, explains Merk Manuals.

In this skin damage, due to hormonal change and weight gain, the pressure in our veins increases, and the blood vessels in our face enlarge, making a spider-like red mark.

Acne is one of the significant skin-related problems that we face during pregnancy.

The acne may break out on our face, chest, and back.

Acne occurs due to elevated progesterone levels, which are produced to protect the uterine lining during pregnancy. (WebMD)

This can cause high secretion from oil glands and clogged pores.

Stretch marks are something that we all face during and after pregnancy.

We face these problems due to stretching and pulling the skin.

These are pink or purple marks on the stomach area and, for some of us, on the breasts and thighs.

Due to hormonal changes during pregnancies, we also develop hirsutism, explains Cleveland Clinic.

In hirsutism, we grow facial hair, usually on the chin and lips.

Women may also develop severe rashes due to hormonal changes.

How Can You Use Turmeric To Heal It And Its Benefits

Turmeric has always been linked to healing properties and cosmetic benefits.

Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant components.

Due to these components, it provides a glow to the skin.

Turmeric supplements may also bring out a natural glow.

We should add turmeric essential oil to a moisturizer and use it for effective results.

To reduce acne and acne scars, turmeric can be used.

Its anti-inflammatory components take care of your pores and calm your skin.

We should use turmeric with apple cider vinegar for the fight against acne.

Turmeric masks can also help reduce facial hair that we grow during pregnancies.

Turmeric can also prevent and treat stretch marks due to its anti-oxidative components.

People should use turmeric, virgin olive oil, and lemon paste for their skin. 

We can also use black pepper and turmeric, which helps curcumin dissolve better with blood and work more effectively. 

People should apply this paste to stretch marks for results and cure dry skin.

It can hydrate and revitalize our skin. Turmeric also helps in the removal of dead skin faster.

It also protects our skin from any further damage.

We can also make turmeric tea and drink it during and after pregnancy (after consulting our doctor).

This is easy to make and helps with our damaged skin.

We have to add one teaspoon of turmeric to four cups of water and boil it.

We can add honey/lemon to our tea, too (Baby Center).

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Other Remedies And Medical Treatments To Heal The Skin:

To protect your skin from further skin breakouts after pregnancy, we should wash our face twice a day.

This will wash away all the excess oil and will prevent acne.

For dry skin, we should use a good moisturizer every time we wash our face.

While after giving birth, sleeping is a challenging task for us due to the little one.

However, sleeping correctly will help us greatly in getting healthy skin.

To monitor and stabilize our hormones, we should drink at least eight glasses of water daily and keep ourselves and our skin hydrated.

We should start eating more vegetables after our pregnancy.

Vegetables like spinach, cabbage, beetroot, and carrots.

These vegetables have high quantities of vitamins and antioxidants. 

Thus they keep our skin healthy.

We can also use yoga to regain our healthy skin.

Yoga helps us breathe properly, which is one of the best ways to protect our skin.

Also, we should use detox water to regain our healthy skin.

We can also use curcumin capsules as they are readily available and easy to use. 

Ajwain or carom seeds can also be used to get healthy skin.

Also, we should try to avoid sugary stuff after our pregnancy in order to regain our skin.

Lastly, don’t forget to include your body.

Take a hot or warm shower at least once so you can relax for a while.

You also need to be mindful of the products you use.

Comparing shower gel and body wash, most shower gels have more fragrance than body wash.

So if you’re highly sensitive to fragrance, choosing fragrance-free products is best.

The same goes for scrubs and bath bombs as well. 

Wrapping It Up

During pregnancies and after giving birth, we face numerous problems.

Our body changes completely.

Our once-perfect skin gets damaged.

However, mostly the damaged skin gets better with time.

By following these few remedies, we can remove the skin before pregnancy.

During pregnancy, to keep healthy skin, we should keep doing basic things like drinking water, eating healthy food, and keeping ourselves happy.

We should try to keep our stress level to a minimum as stress damages our skin. (Everyday Health)

While this is a part of our life, we should cherish this part and should not be ashamed of the visible changes we face due to our pregnancy.

However, if a change in ourselves worries us during or after pregnancy, we should always visit our doctor. 

Add turmeric and make your life a lot better.

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