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The Transformative Experience of an Oracle Reading

Spirituality…what a strange thing, right? It’s so easy and interesting, you can’t really explain it or grasp it unless you feel it first hand. That’s the magic of it really, everyone can interpret it in their own way and incorporate it in their daily life.

Being a witch, so to speak, is becoming more and more accepted as it was looked down upon for the longest time. Modern spiritual people can enjoy a little bit of magic all the time, it’s so accessible now, from getting sage delivered to your doorstep at any given time, collecting all sorts and kinds of crystals to getting your tarot read online!

crystals, tarot cards, and other items for an oracle reading


How to Start Your Spiritual Journey

If you are just starting your spiritual awakening, there are plenty of ways to start your path in no time, you don’t even need to leave the comforts of your bedroom. Firstly, educate yourself on different aspects or find the thing that interests you. When it comes to more complicated things like tarot, something you need practice and maybe years and years to learn properly aren’t a good place to start.

On the other hand, something similar but less daunting can be oracle cards. Matt Beech states that they are a good way to learn about ourselves through the colorfully illustrated cards and learn from them. A good start might be letting someone else read them to you before getting your hands on a deck.

Try learning about different crystals and what they can do, and how to combine them for a specific effect. You can also try doing simple spell work, nothing too much, once you get your first crystal you can cleanse it and start from there.

Why is it a Good Idea?

If you are still contemplating if this is something you’ll be interested in partaking in, spirituality has to come naturally and gradually. Sometimes it’s hard to grasp everything at once. But trying out something like getting your oracle cards read for the first time might spark your interest in furthering your spirituality.

It’s not as heavy as some other stuff might be, but it will still expose you to the magic you always wanted to find. So before you run out the door to get your hands on a deck, consider experiencing it first.

To learn to read tarot or oracle cards yourself, it will take some time and effort, as with any hobby or activity.

white sage bundle close up with tarot cards in background


What to Expect

So you finally did it, you finally decided to book your first oracle reading session! You should be excited since first times are always the most fun. Expect to be asked lots and lots of questions and be prepared to hear lots and lots of different things, you might not get the cards you were exactly planning, but that’s the magic of it really.

The reader will interpret whatever is in front of them and speak as they see so don’t let the beautiful imagery of the cards fool you, it can get dark sometimes! Prepare to talk about your daily life, your past, present, and future; everything will be revealed one way or another.

Expect to find out some of the running themes in your life as well as help you pinpoint an obstacle that might be there unnoticed. But, after the reading, things might actually make sense and you’ll realize stuff from your real-life and resolve them. The cards themselves are just a medium, just something to help interpret and express the problem that might be at hand.

Be Open-minded

Above all else, remember to be open-minded; don’t expect the reader to say exact details from your life, like what you ate for lunch two days ago or what was the name of your ex-boyfriend’s cat…it doesn’t work like that. Don’t go in with a close-minded attitude thinking that what you’ll hear won’t make sense.

Oracle reading is complex but also simple at the same time, the imagery on the cards themselves are left to be interpreted by the reader, the reader doesn’t have to know everything about you to get the correct image of you. So don’t concentrate on the small details, listen, and think about the bigger picture. The dots will connect on their own!

Have Fun

At the end of the day, try to enjoy yourself, whatever turn the oracle reading might take, try to pick up some good things from it, and don’t be afraid to go deeper into your spiritual awakening. Later on, if you really like it, try recommending it to your friends and do it together!

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