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The Keto Diet Plan for Losing Postpartum Weight

Motherhood is a beautiful feeling.

But it is not as glamorous as the pretty pregnancy commercials portray it to be.

It comes with copious weight gain and a never-ending responsibility of tending to your kids and taking care of their needs until they are matured enough to do that for themselves.

There is hardly any time you can find for yourself amidst all the diapers and the baby food.

This article does not attempt to change your mind about motherhood.

That choice really is yours.

You are complete in yourself, with or without a child.

Any extra body weight does not have to be a matter of shame.

But, in case you are too keen on shedding the few extra kilos after childbirth, this is the perfect article to read through in one of those stolen moments, away from the baby commercials and postpartum books.

One of the best tried and tested ways of dealing with your weight problem post-pregnancy is by adopting the keto diet.

The Keto Diet Plan for Losing Postpartum Weight

One of the best tried and tested ways of dealing with your weight problem post-pregnancy is by adopting the keto diet.

The name of the diet raises a few eyebrows, but rest assured that it burns out your fat far better and faster than any other form of diet or workout regime.

mom kissing baby while doing the keto diet for postpartum weight loss

What Is the Keto Diet?

The keto diet, also known as the Ketogenic diet, is a type of diet that is high in fat and extremely low in carb.

You must, by now, be left wondering about how a high-fat diet could work towards your goal of shedding weight!

It might sound surprising, but the way the keto diet works is pretty scientific.

When you cut your body off the supply of carbs, it starts pulling its energy from the fat the body absorbs from the food you ingest.

This, thus, leads you to burn all your fat at a much higher rate.

The Benefits of a Keto Diet:

More often than not, people are quite apprehensive about the utilities of a keto diet.

People do not seem to pin much hope into this diet and prefer playing it safe with other forms of diet and exercise regimes.

However, the benefits of the keto diet are far too many to ignore.

It helps in weight loss (which is obviously what we are looking at in this article), controls your appetite, increases the level of your good cholesterol (HDL or high-density lipoprotein), lowers your blood pressure and also increases your mental prowess.

With all these benefits and added advantages, keto diet should be your mantra when losing weight post-childbirth is on your mind.

Starting With the Diet:

fresh fruits and vegetables

The hardest part of a routine is not sticking to it, but bending your will to ditch procrastination and starting with it.

Also, before you switch over to the diet and begin your ritual, it is extremely important to read up on it and see what is it that you are signing up for.

You should never try going ahead with a change in your diet or workout plan without proper awareness and guidance.

Ditching carbs is often the hardest thing that you might have to do while changing your diet plan.

Pasta, pizza, French fries and the like have ruled our diet for the most part of our collective lives.

And, hormones tend to go all crazy while you are in your postpartum phase.

You might have weird cravings, and most of them have to do with carbs.

Therefore, this entire no-carbs diet is quite a difficult feat. But if you stick with the keto diet plan for losing postpartum weight, you’ll see worthwhile results.

But, there is always a brighter side that you can look forward to.

A keto diet requires you to gear your attention toward fatty foods.

Thus, you have full-fat cheese, meat, fatty fish, eggs and poultry, nuts and nut butter, non-starchy vegetables, and other keto-friendly snacks lined up for you to choose from.

This scenario does not look all that bleak.

In fact, you can turn to lazy keto meal options that are quick, easy, and delicious. The best part is that these recipes will help you stay on track even when your schedule is packed. Having a baby is no easy task, so simple and easy-to-make meals are always appreciated. Some of these meals include keto chicken nuggets, California roll sushi bowls, dijon salmon and roasted asparagus, and cheeseburger deluxe casserole. Who knew that a keto diet could be so yummy?

And for those breastfeeding this is a win-win.

Sticking To It:

After you have pulled yourself together, you must pass another hurdle.

You have to stick to it. In the first few days, you would be dying to cheat on yourself and gorge on carbohydrates, probably more than ever.

Our body has a funny way of testing us.

It starts demanding the thing you are trying to deny it, which in this case, is carbs.

Do not give in to the temptations and stick to it.

Within the next two weeks, you will see that your body has adjusted to the new diet and is showing no greed for carbs anymore.

In fact, it will not even be able to stand the sight of carbs.

The minute you go back to eating carbs, you will find how difficult it is for your body to function.

You will start feeling heavy and restless.

Two weeks into the diet, and you will see miracles happening.

You will have shed all your post-pregnancy weight drastically, which was otherwise a far-fetched dream.

That waistline will shrink back to normal, and you will have no difficulty in slipping into those skin-tight jeans anymore.

One of the best tried and tested ways of dealing with your weight problem post-pregnancy is by adopting the keto diet.



Switching over to a keto diet can amount to a significant and dramatic change in your lifestyle, and is not advisable to everyone.

No one diet applies to every single person in the Universe.

Every individual has a different body and a different way of functioning.

As far as the issue of postpartum weight is concerned, a keto diet seems to work like magic.

But a word of caution, refrain from making such decisions on your own.

Consult your doctor, and only then proceed with the best plan for you and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you experience postpartum depression

Your health matters.

Enjoy your newborn and these tips for the Keto Diet plan for losing postpartum weight.

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