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The Best American Cities to Visit With Kids

Discover family fun in top U.S. cities! From Boston’s iconic sights to San Francisco’s Walt Disney Family Museum, explore kid-friendly adventures with the best American Citites to visit with Kids!

Unleash Your Inner Child: Top American Cities for Family Adventures!

A family vacation can create lifelong memories, but to ensure that each family member is satisfied (especially kids), you must pick the location very carefully. Luckily, the USA is one of the best destinations to travel with kids, as it has so much to offer, and no matter where you go, you will surely find something suitable. As a family, sometimes it is hard to pick a location, as you may want to explore cities to their full potential, but you also need to keep your kids in mind and choose a kid-friendly alternative.

Fortunately, America is full of places suitable for kids and will offer unforgettable experiences. According to US News, these are the best cities to visit with your kids.



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The Best American Cities to Visit With Kids


Chicago is a fabulous destination to travel with children, as it has plenty of things that can be done very close to each other. This is why you will not need to walk more than five minutes between the locations of each attraction. You can visit the Shedd Aquarium, the Field Museum and the Adler Planetarium.

Shedd Aquarium is a place that will amaze kids, as they will have the chance to see a variety of 32,600 species of sea creatures. You will get the opportunity to see the Caribbean Reef with the help of a 90,000-gallon tank that will give a 360-degree tour of the amazing and unique underwater reef community. Be ready to watch sharks, sea turtles and colorful corals and sponges. These are incredible attractions suitable even for adults, but the kids will be the happiest here. Plus, your children will not become bored, as these attractions keep them enthralled for hours.

The Chicago Children’s Museum also needs to be visited, as it offers interesting things for kids, including an art studio and a dinosaur exhibit. If they still have energy, you can also check Lincoln Park Zoo to allow your little ones to see giraffes, bears and even a pygmy hippopotamus.


Boston is also an American city suitable for a family trip, as it is known for its fantastic history and interesting culinary scene. Boston Children’s Museum is a must-see attraction, as it is the second oldest children’s museum worldwide. For over 100 years, this place has allowed kids to develop their curious talents and inquisitive natures and become little explorers for the day. Here, kids can see child-centered exhibits with a wide range of activities on art, culture, wellness, health, math and more.

Or, if your kids are little adventurers, you can go to the Boston Harbor Islands to experience historic forts, hiking, beaches, kayaking, and many other indoor and outdoor activities. You can also take a cruise to enjoy a water experience and see whales.

Boston has plenty of activities for kids that will probably take an entire day if you want to try them all. This is why, to ensure that your car stays safe during all this time, you can leave it at Logan Airport parking so that you will have a happy time with your kids.


Newark is a blossoming city with many fun and exciting activities to try with your children. The “Brick city,” as it is also known, is the third oldest city in the USA and the largest one in New Jersey. You can visit the Newark Museum of Art, only 10 miles from New York City. The museum opened in 1909 and has a vast collection of contemporary and decorative art from around the world, including America, Asia, and Africa. It offers various programs for kids to discover natural science exhibits and interactive arts.

Also, this town has many parks to walk around with your children while enjoying fresh air, like Branch Brook Park or Riverfront Park. Branch Brook Park is over 4 miles long, filled with playing fields, lakes and a natural environment where you can enjoy tranquility while your kids play. This place is even more appealing because of its blossoming cherry trees, which people adore. Also, the park hosts the Cherry Blossom Festival each year, where thousands of people participate.

Newark is a lovely city, but to make sure you enjoy it as you should, it would be good to leave your car at the Parking Newark airport to ensure it will stay safe and secure.


The friendly vibe of Portland makes this destination perfect for a family trip. Here, you can rent a bike along the waterfront and go to the Portland Children’s Museum or the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. If your kids love nature, you must also check out Forest Park’s Lower Macleay Trail, which offers the chance to see small birds and animals.

You may also want to consider going to the Portland Farmers Market, one of the best in the world, to buy some delicious items to picnic with your little ones. If you have time, the Oregon Zoo is also a destination that needs to be seen, as it has over 2,000 animals from each corner of the globe, including Asian elephants, polar bears or cuddly lemurs.

San Francisco

In San Francisco, kids can visit the Walt Disney Family Museum and discover the story of Walt Disney, the person who brought the beloved animations to the world says Forbes. There are 40,000 square feet where you can enjoy and explore interactive galleries, original drawings, cartoons, and art exhibits. Here, you can also watch screenings of famous and classic Disney movies.

Another important attraction is the California Academy of Sciences, a natural history museum, an aquarium and a planetarium all in one.

Final words

The USA has plenty of cities that are suitable for a family vacation. As most towns in America are kid-friendly, you will not have to worry that you might not find fun activities for them. From interesting museums to beautiful parks and friendly vibes, you will find everything you need in the United States.

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