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How To Keep in Touch with Family or Friends While You’re Abroad

Travel-related reasons can involve work, health, or social/economic needs. If you haven’t put your passport to good use lately, you may yearn to return to the skies, roads, rails, and seas. The Washington Post says that traveling abroad is one of the most enriching experiences you can give yourself as you learn without even trying, experience a different culture, make lasting memories, and appreciate diversity. Despite all the good things connected to traveling, there are some disadvantages. Being away from family or friends can be tricky, even if you’re having a swell time. 

When traveling overseas, you’re away from your loved ones. You leave your comfort zone and enter an unknown territory, so there’s no one there to advise or listen to you if you have something on your mind. Keeping in touch is important because it makes the people back home feel at ease. After all, they know you’re safe. You can continue to speak to the people close to you in several ways, so don’t let travel strain your relationships. 

How To Keep in Touch with Family or Friends While You’re Abroad

Call Home 

It’s perfectly healthy to enjoy communicating and treasure your time together. The easiest way to maintain a genuine connection is to make a call. Talking to family or friends will give you much-needed energy and motivation to maximize your stay. Equally, your loved ones will hear about your adventures. There’s no reason to pay your domestic mobile network provider exorbitant fees to call home from overseas when you can use an eSIM. The industry standard digital SIM is supported by carriers worldwide, providing a better connection with the people and places explored. 

Most mobile network providers charge to use a phone abroad, so checking the costs before you leave is important. An international prepaid sim card lets you stay connected, so you can start making calls right away. It works just like roaming with a physical SIM. Timing is everything, given you’re in a different time zone. The last thing you want is to call your family or friends early in the morning. It’s a good idea to make a schedule of when your loved ones are available; put your travel on hold and talk for a few hours. 

Get Some Face Time

The continually evolving technological landscape brings about many opportunities for people to adapt to the changing times. Video communication, for instance, helps family or friends who are miles apart to be in contact and share intimate moments. If you want to maintain a connection with the people who matter most in your life, get some face time. You can use several apps and services to stay connected, such as WhatsApp or Zoom. Even if it compromises on video quality to accommodate the poorest of connections, WhatsApp makes video calls easy to set up and manage. It’s difficult, if not impossible, for anyone to intercept the calls.

Zoom, just like Skype, is purposefully built for video communication, but it’s a little complicated to set up. You have to take control of the in-call features. It’s not as simple as selecting a contact and clicking the video call button. Also, the free plan offers a 30-minute time limit for one-on-one meetings, so you have to make things quick. The point is that video communication tools have come a long way since first introduced to the market, so take the time to learn how to leverage technology’s strengths. Texting doesn’t have the same effect as catching up face-to-face. 

Share Updates & Receive News Through Social Media

Billions of people worldwide use social media to share information and keep in touch. If you want to keep the people who matter most in your life updated about your trip, Facebook or Instagram can come in handy. You can share your experiences by posting photos and videos of the surroundings or writing reviews of activities and restaurants. Facebook has customizable privacy settings, meaning you can make specific posts visible only to the people on your friends list. It’s not recommended to overshare because malicious actors track your movements and activities, so don’t let your wider social media audience know you’ll be in certain places. Don’t post photos of tickets, official identification, or other travel documents. 

photo of city on cellphone with city in background

Build A Big Photo Collection

Thanks to the extraordinary camera in your smartphone, you can create an impressive photo collection for your family or friends. Use a digital photo frame – it’s about the shape of an ordinary photo frame. The screen displays numerous photos in a slideshow format, connecting to the Internet to download new pictures and information. The camera can double as a security device when there’s no one in the house. Your loved ones will get a fresh set of photos (and videos) highlighting your most recent adventures. When it doesn’t go through your photo collection, the digital frame can act as a messaging hub with information dashboards. 

Several companies have made digital frames, so you’re spoilt for choice; they’re mostly the same but offer different features. Once your account is set up, you can upload photos to the website. The digital frame will connect to the server and download the pictures, which will automatically show up in the slideshow rotation. Simply put, the digital frame works just like a computer, but it’s a lot simpler. Many digital frames allow your family or friends to send pictures to your frame, so you’re in for a nice surprise.  

Balancing Communication

It’s normal to be uneasy about being away from the people who matter the most, but if you feel the situation is spiraling out of control, it can put a strain on your relationship. During these difficult times, try not to make the conversation one-sided. More exactly, answer your loved ones’ questions, but don’t forget to say: “What about you?”. Your family or friends would love to share their thoughts, but they’re barely given the chance. The conversation shouldn’t be just about you. Follow up on previous discussions and ask for photos of what’s happening back home. It’s not too much to expect. 

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