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Sweetology Decorating Kit Review for the Sweetest Afternoon

Are you looking for some sweetness with your family? Our Sweetology Decorating Kit review has all you need for the sweetest afternoon or evening!

Sweetology is a sweets box store that also has one-of-a-kind decorating fun. 

Sweetology offers cookie and cupcake decorating kits nationwide, not just a brick-and-mortar shop.

Kits are $39.99 each and include everything you need to create sweet memories.

Looking for some sweetness with your family? Our Sweetology Decorating Kit review has all you need for the sweetest afternoon or evening!

Sweetology Decorating Kits Include:

-12 fresh baked sugar cookies or cupcakes (4 vanilla | 4 chocolate)




-pastry bags

decorating tips


Everything is already made, so all you have to do is create!

Skip the baking and the mess and get right to the fun part!

what's included in a Sweetology Cupcake Decorating Kit


Our Rainbow Valentine Cupcake Decorating Kit:

My husband dislikes when we bake, cook, or decorate.

He can’t stand the mess.

So when our Cupcake Decorating Kit from Sweetology arrived, my kiddos were a little over the moon.

We received 4 HUGE cupcakes. 

Two vanilla flavors and two chocolate flavor cupcakes.

There was frosting–already colored and loaded into the piping bag with the coupler in place.

One bag of white jimmies and one bag of yellow jimmies accompanied a bag of sweet Valentine edible decorating confetti.

There were decorating tips to add to the fun of decorating.

It all arrived in an insulated package.

We put it aside, but the kids were enjoying reading the postcards and temporary tattoos that were also included.

Note: Decorating Kits can be frozen until ready to decorate.

Decorating Tools and Toppings 

There are great options for decorating.

My kids loved the airbrushed sugar molds.

There are plenty of sprinkles.


We were sent three different bags of icing: white, blue, and magenta.

We kneaded the bags of icing before clipping the ends of the piping bag. 

The icing is even colored, and MacKenzie kept saying, “This icing is SO good!”

My kiddos’ feedback was that they wish there had been more white icing.

decorating cupcakes from sweetology


We received four HUGE cupcakes in all,

Two vanilla and two chocolate.

Each cupcake was individually wrapped to maintain freshness. 

decorating cupcakes from sweetology

MacKenzie is my most social child.

Decorating cupcakes was something she looked forward to, so after dinner, we used our Sweetology Cupcake Decorating Kit to have some fun!

It was a great creative outlet.

MacKenzie created a unicorn cupcake.

decorating cupcakes from sweetology


William is more introverted.

Even so, he stayed at the table and decorated his cupcake.

decorating cupcakes from sweetology

He created a cupcake with an ocean rolling on to a beach.

It was clever.

It is one of the few nights he’s been “out and about” from his room.

decorating cupcakes from sweetology

We had so much fun and enjoyed being creative, relaxed, and talking.

It was a great family night, and our cupcakes turned out great.

MacKenzie even mixed icing colors to create her own shade!

decorating cupcakes from sweetology

There are so many possibilities. 

Your imagination is the limit!

decorating cupcakes from sweetology


This is the perfect kit for non-banking people, mess-free entertainment, and spending time with your family.

The kits would be great fun for a Christmas Cookie Decorating Party, birthday party, sleepover, and more!

And when you’re done decorating, the sweetest reward awaits!

decorating cupcakes from sweetology

The cupcake was delicious!



It is the perfect sweetness to match the icing…no sweet overload.

We loved our time with the Sweetology Cupcake Decorating Kit.

Remember Sweetology, sweetening life through creative shared experiences.

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