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Supernatural: An Epic Road Trip

In maybe 1994, we traveled from our home in Miami, Florida to my parent’s home near Asheville, North Carolina. On the way home, we were hit with a storm. I was driving. It was before we had a CD player in the car, so a cassette tape was booming through the speakers. The sky was dark like Gotham City and sleet slapped against the windshield.

I remember looking in my review mirror. It was necessary to make a lane change. There was no one in front of me and a stream of cars staggered behind us some distance. Slowly I signaled and then began to venture into the next lane. The tires sputter and then lost traction sending us in a dizzy spin across the highway and into the median. At one point, I recall looking out the driver’s side window and seeing us slide towards a concrete divider. My heart was racing.

It was terrifying!

In the end, our spinning stopped. Our car was at the top of the median, facing the direction we needed to go. The engine had stalled and we just sat there, silent, listening to the rapid heartbeats of our car’s riders.

There was absolutely NO damage to the car–though the under-carriage was packed with mud. The cassette tape had ejected and was found behind the driver’s seat. My nerves were shattered.

We made it back home, to the sunshine of Florida and realized winter weather is packed with demons–as is watching your life spin before you.

Of course, these demons are nothing like the demons that the Winchester brother’s face in Supernatural Season 2 on Blu-Ray.

Fueled by the desire to explain their mother’s death, the Winchester brothers set out on a cross-country mission investigating supernatural activity and fighting the demons that get in their way. Have you ever taken a trip of epic proportions?

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*I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote Supernatural: The Complete Second Season on Blu-ray.

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