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Super Supper Dinner March

Hungry! Hungry! I Am Hungry!
I’ve done so well over the past two weeks with my weight. I’m down nine pounds. My ankles are looking HOT!
Maybe it’s because I weighed in yesterday–down 3.8 pounds, or just life. Doesn’t really matter. I’m hungry. It’s that simple.
To make matters worse, a song I remember singing in grade school taunts me. It is playing over and over in my head and only making my stomach rumble.
The song? Why the Super Supper Dinner March by John Hamblin, of course!
Did you sing it too in school?
Hungry, hungry I am hungry
Table, table here I come
I could eat a goose-moose burger
Fifteen pickles and a purple plum
I could eat three bowls of goulash
Half a pound of wuzzled wheat
I could eat a peck of poobers
Then I’d really get to work and eat
Oysters, noodles, strawberry stroodles
French fries, fish hash, one red beet
Lamb chops, wham chops
Huckleberry mish mash
Oh, the things that I could eat
Doughnuts, dump-a-lings
Blueberry bump-a-lings
Chocolate mush-mash, super sweet
Clam stew, ham stew,
Water melon wush wush
Oh, the stuff that I could eat
Deep dish rhubarb, upside-down cake
I could eat a frittered flum
Hungry, hungry, I am starving
Table, table, here I come


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