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Seventh Generation Back to School TIps

Back To School with Seventh Generation

We’re gearing up for Back to School, and as we are picking out pencils and crayons, I also remember all those pesky germs that make us subject to colds and the flu.

As you might recall, last March, I was incredibly sick for nearly six weeks as a cold mutated to the flu and turned into strep.

It was absolutely NO FUN.

With nearly 22 million school days lost each year due to the common cold and flu (CDC) and as many as 2.7 million bacterial found per square inch on common school surfaces (NSF International), it´s no wonder that 82 percent of parents with kids in grades K-5 fret about the germs in their children´s classrooms (according to a survey conducted by Seventh Generation).

If you want to be grossed out or give your kiddos a great experiment that demonstrates just how germs are spread, coat a pencil with spray glue, dip in glitter and then pass the pencil.

The glitter represents the germs, and it will leave a lasting impression!

Seventh Generation shares tips this school year from best-selling author and pediatrician Dr. Alan Greene to help parents protect their child´s health during back-to-school season.

Dr. Greene suggests taking the following precautions:

seventh generation wipes


Optimize the Immune System

• Reap the benefits of probiotics like those found in yogurt.

A recent study showed that children who received enough probiotics daily throughout the cold and flu season significantly reduced the number of illnesses.

When they got sick, the symptoms were milder and didn’t last as long.

• Be sure your child gets plenty of vitamin D from the sun, food, or supplements.

• Build a strong foundation.

Good food, good sleep, and good physical activity all help the immune system to flourish.

Be Wise About Reducing Unnecessary Exposure to Harmful Germs

• Teach children the key times to clean their hands in the classroom.

The most important times include sneezing, coughing, using the restroom, leaving “high-risk” places (recess, naptime, play stations), and before meals or snacks.

• Sixty percent of teachers surveyed said they request parents donate disinfecting wipes to the classroom.

Seventh Generation´s disinfecting wipes kill 99.99% of germs* naturally using the active ingredient thyme, a component of thyme oil derived from the herb.

• Stress the importance of not touching their eyes, nose, or mouth.

Germs are often spread when someone touches something contaminated with germs and then touches his or her eyes, nose, or mouth.

• Demonstrate to your children how to cover their mouth and nose for every cough and sneeze.

This simple maneuver has spectacular results in decreasing the spread of viruses and bacteria floating about the room, waiting to be inhaled.

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