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Don’t Stress Over the Mess SHOUT It Out! Review

Messes happen. Usually it’s my kiddos, but when I packed a bottle of red wine in the suit case and it broke, I had reason to Shout! It was Miss M’s birthday shirt for our time at the Ballantyne Hotel and she had never worn it!

As part of the Shout It Out campaign, I received Shout products. This post remains a true story and the opinions are exclusively my own. I actually use this in my day to day life.

wine stained shirt

After I had a good cry, I used Shout Stain Remover and sprayed the red wine.

It seemed hopeless. I wanted it to vanish right before my eyes, but there was to be no such luck.

I sprayed Shout. Then I let it soak in.

I sprayed more Shout and let it do its thing.

The picture is of the white shirt, with red wine that had been in the suitcase for two hours before I found it and after I sprayed it with Shout. It is wet!

Finally, I left the shirt hanging in the laundry room, its fibers saturated with Shout! and went to bed feeling defeated.

When I woke up, I sprayed the shirt one more time with Shout! and then tossed it in the washing machine.

The cycle completed, I lifted the washing machine’s lid and reached in. I was impressed!

Here’s how the shirt came out of the dryer.

Shout! Gets stains out! Mommy's Memorandum

The red wine stain is completely gone. This is now Miss M’s favorite shirt. She wore it all through the winter. Looking at it, no one would ever know her mother packed a bottle of red wine that broke and stained her brand-new white shirt!

This is why I continue to go back to Shout It does the work for me and seems to always save the day. It takes out grass stains, chocolate, Carolina red clay and so many other stains.

With Shout! I let my kiddos enjoy the messy and embrace all that exploring and living life to the fullest has to offer. When they come inside and strip down, I reach for the Shout family.

Shout it Out

My favorite product in the Shout line is the Trigger bottle. It handles so much with its stain-fighting ingredients and enzymes that quickly penetrate, break-up and remove tough stains. It’s safe on all colorfast washables and works in all water temperatures.

Sometimes, when life get chaotic, I use the Shout Advanced Ultra Gel Brush. I like that it is a thick gel I can work into the fibers and I can treat tough stains now and wash a week later.

My purse holds Shout Wipes because I can’t seem to eat without getting food on me. I pull one out, wipe the stain when it happens and continue on with my day. These are also great for getting chocolate out of car seats–don’t ask me how I know this!

I now use Shout Color Catcher sheets after a pair of new jeans dyed the inside of my dryer denim blue. It absorbs the dye in the wash water–before it gets to your dryer!

Gotta stain? Shout it out! Life’s too short to waste on things that come out in the wash!

The Shout family of products are available in grocery, mass merchandise and drug stores nationwide.

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