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Stellar Trends Crayon and Chalk Review

Stellar Trends
Creative Crayon and Creative Chalk Review

Yesterday we received a package in the mail from Stellar Trends. It was a fun surprise for us and opening it brought so much delight.

Shannon, the creator behind Stellar Trends, really outdid herself. Even the wrapping and presentation was appealing.
Two pink, glossy boxes came out of the postal box and my children expressed excitement that it was “something tasty”.
They were incorrect, however, far more delighted by the true contents.

Box Number One held chalk. Not your ordinary chalk, but handmade chalk formed into some kid-pleasing designs like trucks and butterflies.

Immediately, my kiddos paws grabbed the chalk and headed outside. They sat on the sidewalk for over an hour drawing and writing on the sidewalk. They had a blast!

Stellar Trends has taken sidewalk chalk, or even everyday chalk to a new level of fun. My kiddos loved the creative shapes of the chalk. They were just the right size for them to manipulate.

The colors are fantastic! All but one butterfly were pastel hues, the other, a butterfly, was a bolder pink. The Stellar Trends chalks went on smoothly and left a rainbow of color behind.

Stellar Trends Creative Chalks will be released this month through Shannon’s Etsy Shop. We believe they will be the perfect addition to our Summer’s Creation Station and provide colorful fun!

Box Number Two held Stellar Trends popular Creative Crayons. I must share here that my children 24 hours later, just figured out that they COLOR!

The Creative Color Crayons we received were a Princess, a sailboat, a motorcycle, a jet plane, and the coolest strawberry. Three of them are your traditional solid-colored crayon, only in clever shapes! Two of them are multicolored. The combination of a variety of colors makes these real attention grabbers!

My children played with them last night as toys. This evening as they gathered items from their Creation Station to occupy them, I suggested, “Why don’t you use your NEW crayons you received last night?”

They looked at me and said, “Um, Mom. We didn’t get crayons yesterday.”

So I showed them. Their mouths gaped as they witnessed the magic first hand.

Stellar Trends offers the Creative Colors an assortment of whimsical shapes sure to leave your kiddos’ mouths gaping as they discover the magic of these clever crayons!

Both the Creative Colors Crayons and Chalk are giggling good time fun. They deliver smooth lines and color and we love their addition to our Creation Station!

Disclosure: No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post. I received the product mentioned in this post for review purposes from the sponsor. These opinions are my own and in no way influenced by the sponsor. Other’s experience may vary.

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