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Snails: Washable Nail Polish for Kids

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Finally! Washable nail polish for kids. Snails Nail Polish for kids, a revolutionary new product that does not require smelly nail polish, loaded with chemicals. Simply washing with soap and water can remove this water-soluble nail polish. It does not stain carpets, floors, furniture, or clothing!

snails safe nails polish

Snails washable nail polish comprises just three ingredients: water, acrylic polymer, and non-toxic colorants. You read it right! NO toluene. NO formaldehyde. NO dibutyl phthalate (DBP). No bisphenol A (BPA). Just simply three ingredients.

Miss M thinks it’s fantastic. Snails nail polish is 100 percent European made, manufactured in France, and packaged in beautiful lead-free, Italian glass bottles.

I’m not afraid to turn Miss M loose within the house.

snails wash hands with water to remove

I was astonished how easily Snails nail polish goes on.

  • Wash hands with soap and water.
  • Apply one thin coat and allow to dry.
  • Apply a second coat and allow to dry.

Even more impressive was how easy it was to remove!

To remove nail polish, NO acetone is required.

  • Wash hands with water or use a cotton ball with water.

Miss M Loves the packaging. The bottles are gorgeous and have an adorable little bow tied around the neck, adding girly flair! Snails nail polish has a variety of bright, sparkly, and girly colors for fun fingers any day of the year!

Snails also offer “remover wipes” for added fun in the dress-up department.
Something else you’ll love about Snails Nail Polish:
snails washable nail polish supports make a wish


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