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Virtual Number: A Smart Businessman’s New Favorite Asset

Can you imagine living without phones? We’ve had them for so long, but anyone living without them can do just fine. Yes, business productivity will likely tank, but they’re set to a different standard before.

But today, it’s all about real-time communication. People are used to that now. And we think that in the future, people – people in the corporate world, most significantly – will feel the same way about IP phone numbers.

We believe that this movement is starting right now. As more and more people use this, they are seeing how valuable it is. And for some users even find it is an indispensable tool in business and even everyday life.

A quick look into the virtual phone number and how they work

Imagine having a SIM, but you’d have to insert it on your phone without anything. That’s basically what a virtual number service is.

In some sense, it seems that it comes out of thin air, but that’s close. It’s created and maintained through the internet.

If you’re having a hard time understanding this, think of Skype. It’s a virtual phone because it lets you call or message anyone without an actual phone. That’s precisely how virtual numbers work. They are similar in a lot of ways but heavily differentiated by the fact that it’s on the Cloud.

To use this tech, you can:

  •  Use an app. Your chosen provider will likely have its own app, which you can use to activate the number and start enjoying its benefits. This lets you use it as a phone within a phone.
  •  Connect it to your personal number. If you’re comfortable with having everything in one place, you can just redirect anything coming and going from your virtual phone number. This means you don’t have to give out your personal number if you don’t want to.

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Buy online phone number guide: It’s all quick and easy

If you’re ready to buy virtual phone numbers, you’d be glad to know that the experience is very smooth so that you can buy a number for yourself right away. All you have to do is:

 Select your number specifications

This means choosing the country and the city for the number you want. At this point, you’re also going to select what type of virtual number you want: toll-free, local, SMS, voice, and many more.

The actual selection will base on where you’re going to get it

 Review the details and pay

Did you get everything right? This is the time to check. And at this point, you’ll also see how much you’ll pay. See if they offer discounts for longer-termed contracts to save a little bit of cash.

That’s it! Once you’re done, you can activate and use the number right away.

HotTelecom: The Smart and Reliable Option 

Of all the choices out there, HotTelecom stands out. It’s a time-tested provider that has generated countless positive reviews under its belt – the ultimate proof of the service quality they’re able to bring to the table. With them, you get:

Top-notch quality connection

Voices are always clear and crisp when using their VoIP number.

So especially when you have it connected to your personal number, you won’t even know the difference. 

But they know quality connection on its own isn’t enough.

By ensuring quality, they also guarantee connection stability.

That’s why with HotTelecom, you will always receive all your texts and calls.

They are constantly maintaining and improving their infrastructure because you deserve the best.

Friendly customer support

HotTelecom doesn’t treat you like just another opportunity to generate a sale.

Instead, they view you as a valuable client. And their goal is to keep you happy and satisfied.

And this is very apparent in their customer support.

They make sure always to be reachable so that whatever issues you may have are resolved as soon as possible.

And on your end, this means that you can maximize the benefits of having your very own virtual number.

Free SIP account

Yes, this is absolutely free. This is normally a paid service, but with HotTelecom, all you have to do is ask for it.

And in their effort to have you enjoy the reach made possible by their number, this applies even to a one-month plan.

Want to buy phone numbers online from more than 90 countries and even more local areas? You got this with HotTelecom!

If you’re operating in multiple countries, the chances are HotTelecom has a number that you can use.

With their goal of serving an underserved market, they are dedicated to helping those frustrated with finding numbers only in “popular” countries.

They believe that VoIP numbers should have the power to reach the whole world.

And they are always looking into ways to expand their number of offerings for you to reach even more – buy VoIP.

So for enterprises that want to expand in any of these countries, HotTelecom will always be your partner in growth and success.

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