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Is Boba Tea Good For Weight loss?

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There are many supplements, powders, coffees, and shakes out on the market that claims to aid in weight loss; the most current trend added to this list is boba tea. The truth is, are any of these products helpful when it comes down to losing and maintaining weight loss in a healthy way. The answer is simply NO; many things that you are encouraged to use to help weight loss are just a new fad on the market.

When trying to lose weight, people often get swayed by what they see the latest celebrity being photographed with. Sometimes they may be quoted saying a particular product has helped them in their weight loss. You will often have to take a realistic approach to their weight loss and yours; a celebrity may not always be paid to advertise the product they may say has helped; however, it will give them magazine coverage.

A celebrity will often pay a personal trainer to manage the exercise side of their weight loss, maybe a chief or nutritional expert to help them with tasty recipes. The one sure thing is that tea, shake, or coffee is not allowing them to maintain a healthy weight. Although some products may help initially, unless these are taken indefinitely, they are a short-term solution for a small amount of time.

What do you need in a healthy diet?

Boba tea is a milk-based drink that contains calories, and it is not scientifically proven that this drink will help in weight loss. Boba is all carbohydrates, and carbs do not help in weight loss. People do need a source of carbs; even when dieting, eradicating these from your diet is not the answer either. A healthy balanced diet needs to consist of a mix of proteins, carbs, and good sugars and fats. The key to any successful weight loss is to do so in a healthy way with a balance of exercise and sensibly controlling your diet. You can learn how to make Boba at Home with Gatorade on Today’s Best Recipes.

You can invest in things to help you that will help you control your calorie intake. Keeping an eye on what you are eating, how much you are eating. Looking and keeping an eye on your BMI can also be done; GetFitTrack can help when weighing yourself to see what you have lost and what your BMI currently is.

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The liquids in your diet

Many of us will forget when eating that the drink also consumed with the food can have a fantastic amount of calories. This is why alcohol should be avoided and replaced with an alternative when trying to lose weight. Not only does alcohol have lots of calories in it, waking up with a hangover will automatically make you want to reach for the carbs!

Hot beverages come with a downside too. Sometimes it is not the actual drink, and you will associate having with the drink. Do you add sugar? or Extra milk? Tea may make you want a biscuit? Coffee may make you want cake? And wine may have you reaching for peanuts? Next time you get a drink, look at what else pops into your hand as well?

Look for alternative snacks, ones that maybe you can make, including good sugars, perhaps something with nuts, seeds, and honey, or fresh fruit salads. Why not have these readily stored in the fridge, so you are not tempted to reach for a packet of chips.

Change the way you think.

This is why at the beginning of a diet, you need to put your focus into changing the way you think; asking yourself questions along the way is one way you will get to the bottom of your habits. When you have a bottle of water, do you ever find yourself with anything else in your hand? If it is the other way around and you have food, you will often have a drink of water, but when you are just drinking water because you are thirsty, how many times do you walk to the biscuit tin or get a chocolate bar to go with it?

Changing your mindset in how you see food is the best way to help you move in the right direction in losing the weight you wish to get rid of. This also includes the liquid that your body needs. Some things can be a treat, that if you add these to your weekly food plan won’t do you any harm but should be limited, and the calories in these should be taken into account.


If people are truly honest with themselves, the only way to lose weight is to start looking at what you are eating. Being truthful is the best way to begin because you are already halfway to changing your attitude to your problems with your eating habits. You do not always have to be eating a lousy diet to need to lose weight; you may have been eating the right food, but an incorrect amount.

The amount of alcohol you consume also needs to be looked at. If you are a small eater but drink a large quantity of wine, then it can be the alcohol causing your weight problem. No amount of drinking tea will help your weight loss, especially one mainly made with milk; however, many things are good for you in moderation, so it will not hurt to have items in your diet as a weekly treat.

Getting help from other sources of technology can help you with things that you do not know; Heart Rate, blood pressure, BMI, calories, water loss, muscle gain, and fat loss are all things that can be found quicker than you think and without having to go to a doctor. You may lose weight to start with and then find that your body shape is changing shape.

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