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SKURF Caster Skates the Coolest Wheels Under the Tree Review

There are a few things that speak volumes about how *cool* mom is, this review is about one such item, Skurf Caster Skates. My kiddos love skating. They don’t even need wheels to do it…they skate across my kitchen floor, on the ice sheet outside and more. Over the summer, they graduated from their scooters and wanted a RipStik. It didn’t materialize.

SKURF Caster Skates Mommy's Memorandum

SKURF Caster Skates

For Christmas, they’re getting Skurf Caster skates. Because I want to be cooler than the skates on Christmas morning, I’ve been practicing. So far I can get on the Skurf skates and move forward. Nothing too exciting, I know. It’s challenges and fun like Skurf Caster Skates where my mind says we’re 20 and my body reminds me we’re 40.

I’ve watched the videos on YouTube and finding them informative and giving me the confidence to overcome the chicken that resides deep within me.

Unlike the RipStick, Skurf Caster Skates don’t require the center torsion bar to keep your feet together. They have 360-degree inclined caster trucks that deliver snowboard-like carving ability to ride downhill AND uphill. Like the skates of my youth, you shift your weight from side to side to move, however, you don’t have to push, so there’s no foot-lifting.

I love the short distance I’ve been able to go on the Skurf Caster Skates. It’s a very fluid motion and you can ride with both of your feet separately. The 78mm polyurethane wheels and precision ABEC-7 bearing casters give the feel of gliding. I’ve tried them on my garage floor, my washroom floor, and the patio.

I’m pretty sure Mom on Skurf Skates is not going to be nearly as amazing as the year Dad got on the Skateboard…not much has changed on a skateboard since his youth. I do know, that my kiddos are going to love these skates. They are going to be masters of them in no time using the dual direction foot pad and brake pads to improve their foot control for those must-do tricks!

Skurf Caster Skates are designed for ages 8 and older and up to 220 pounds.

I’m not letting my learning curve keep me off of them. I think it has been a great time with as little as I’ve been on them. Once the kiddos show me what to do I’ll be a skating fool!

Key Features:

– No center torsion bar needed
– Ride with both feet separately
– Make tight turns and ride UP or DOWN hill
– ABS Deck for incredible strength
– ABEC-7 bearings for a smooth ride
– Traction pads to give your feet a solid grip
– Dual Directional design, ride goofy or regular
– 78-MM polyurethane wheels

Watch “Skurf Caster Skates” in Action on YouTube!

 *I received Skurf Skates in order to facilitate an honest review. Opinions, where expressed, are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.
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