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Shark Attack Punch Recipe: A Fun Drink with a Surprise Lurking Below the Surface

Whether you’re getting ready Shark Week or plunging into Summer with this fun drink with a surprise lurking beneath the surface!

shark attack punch recipe

Shark Attach Punch Recipe Ingredients:

Blue Hawaiian Punch


Gummi Sharks

Grenadine (optional)

shark attack punch

Shark Attack Punch Recipe Directions:

The day before, place gummy sharks in a container and cover them with water.

gummi sharks in water to make ice cubes

Allow standing at room temperature for an hour to remove air bubbles–the gummi will tint the water a pale blue.

Place gummy sharks into the freezer to make the ice cubes.

The next day, pour the Hawaiian punch into a punch bowl, add shark ice cubes, and Kristian Regale Sparkling Juice.

For added fun, add a splash of grenadine for the appearance of blood!


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