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How to Save More Money at Kohl’s

I’m always on the lookout to save as much as possible when shopping at department stores. While buying clearance items is the most obvious way to get more for less, the truly savvy can realize significant savings with a little research.

Kohl’s, for example, has great prices from the get-go on everything from clothing to kitchen essentials. For even more savings, consider these six ways to score at Kohl’s.

How to Save More Money at Kohl’s

1. Double Up is one of the few websites that allows shoppers to combine coupon codes during checkout. 30% clearance on kids’ sneakers, plus an extra 10% off your order, plus free shipping? Yes, please! You can easily find Kohl’s coupon codes at

2. Skip Shipping Costs
While we’re on the subject of shipping, typically offers free or discounted shipping. If it’s not free, it’s likely 99 cents. And if it’s not either, it will be soon, so hold off on your purchase until you can take advantage of one of these deals.

3. Get Instant Savings With Gift Cards
Discount gift cards are a great way to realize savings right off the bat. You can immediately save an average of 16 percent by purchasing a Kohl’s gift card from

4. Sign up for E-mails
If you’re a frequent Kohl’s shopper like me, sign up for Kohl’s Sales Alerts and save $5 on your next online purchase, or 10% off your next in-store purchase.

5. Earn Kohl’s Cash
Every six to eight weeks, Kohl’s offers $10 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent in-store or online. This is fantastic, but know the fine print: Kohl’s Cash can only be used on in-store purchases within a two-week window which they determine. 



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