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Review: Nature’s Hand Granola

Nature’s Hand granola has been our snack of choice. It’s authentic Midwestern granola that uses the same traditional oven-baked process since 1971! We love the loose, crunchy texture and use it on top of yogurt, ice cream, in bowls for cereal and on-the-go handfuls for snacking!
available in seven different delicious flavors: Original Vanilla Almond, Cranberry Apricot, Wild Blueberry, Cinnamon Apple, Raisin Hazelnut, Coconut Cashew and their new Maple Pecan.  There was a lot of taste testing and re-tasting but for me, the Maple Pecan was the winner as favorites. I loved the pecans and the granola was an excellent compliments. My kiddos loved the Cranberry Apricot. At various times we have all changed our mind on the most delicious flavor made by Nature’s Hand granola. It’s all amazing!
One of my favorite things about this brand is the packaging. It is convenient whether you are on the go or more at-home with their re-sealable pouches. Every pouch contains one full pound of granola–you don’t see that very often as sizes decrease and prices remain the same. Over the summer we used the new Go-Nola packages, which are perfect for hiking, or just around town snacking. 
Another great thing about Nature’s Hand Granola is they are the official sponsor of Outward Bound, a non-profit educational organization that serves people of all ages and backgrounds through active learning expeditions that inspire character development, leadership and service.


About Nature’s Hand :

It took on many different forms and flavors in the decades that followed, and really blossomed in the 1960’s when the addition of fruits and nuts made it a delicious and nutritious way to snack.
The first batch of Nature’s Hand was baked in 1971 using a homemade recipe carefully crafted by German-born immigrants in Burnsville, Minnesota. Their sweet, hearty granola was a hit – fast becoming a favorite of friends and family. So they decided to share their homemade recipe with the public and Nature’s Hand Granola was born.
The first bags of Nature’s Hand Granola weren’t easy to find, carried exclusively by specialty grocers and health food retailers. But word traveled fast, and as people discovered its many uses from baking to snacking to cereal mixer, Nature’s Hand Granola started popping up on more and more shelves across the upper Midwest…and beyond.
Today, we still use the same quality ingredients, the same popular recipe, and the same oven-baked process people have been enjoying since 1971. We’ve even added a few new flavors because different people have different tastes.
Nature’s Hand is a great-tasting granola the whole family can love – however you choose to love it – and it’s made right here in the U.S.A.
Need more reasons to love Nature’s Hand Granola? How about:

Nature’s Hand Granola is made in the USA and is priced around $4.99 a bag or a case of 12 (you pick the flavors) for $53.89. Each bag offers approx. 13 servings. Currently Nature’s Hand is only avilable to purchase in six states: Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, & Wisconsin. However, it can be purchased online at Nature’s Hand Granola

Baking with Nature’s Own granola adds texture and variety to recipes. One of our favorites is their recipe for Chewy Granola Cookies. They are delicious! You can find even more nummy recipes by visiting the Granola Recipes page on their website!

I received Nature’s Own Granola in order to facilitate an honest review. No other compensation was received. The opinions, where expressed, are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experience may vary.

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