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Review: Mother’s Corn Eco Friendly Greenware

We’re past the half way mark through the year and we’re still doing our best to be more eco friendly. There are so many wondeful products on the market that help us maintain our goal and one that’s delightful is Mother’s Corn, a product of Buy Greenware.

We received three cups and a plate and have discovered they are great for everyday use.

Aside from being bio-degradable, the topic that grabbed our attention is they are actually made from Mother’s Corn!  These dishes start from corn, then starch, PLA Resin is added. From there the cycle creates an eco-friendly bio-degradable product that doesn’t harm Mother Earth.

We promise to develop and manufacture the finest QUALITY GREEN PRODUCTS for the environmentally conscious consumers. To save EARTH we only carry ECO-FRIENDLY, NON-TOXIC. BIODEGRADABLE products. Corn plastic tablewares and kitchenwares which are made of 100% biolysis resin are perfect examples of our committments to make our environment greener. We invite you to browse through our web-site with confidence.

These delightful dishes are the color of corn and perfect for pint-sized meat paws. The options of sizes: small, medium, large allow the product to grow with your child.

Buy Greenware offers a great selection of meal time products from cups and cereal bowls, divided trays, and a fork and knife set. ALL of the  items in the Mother’s Corn line maintain the company’s commitment to  non-toxic and bio-degradable, and at the lowest prices possible. They even use a non-toxic ink!

Another benefit is that the Mother’s Corn dishes are are anti-bacterial.  A simple handwash will do, due to the anti-bacterial nature of Mother’s Corn.

Using Mother’s Corn products allows your child to eat their food without the contaminating chemicals other plastics create

Our cups have been dropped many times and they are still solid. Durable is always a plus!

Here’s some highlights of Mother’s Corn:

-Environmental Hormone Free: It is safe to use even with hot water and for a baby to suck
-Self Antibacterial: You can just wash them without the heat sterilizaton
-Using the Non-Toxic Ink for printing
-CO2 FREE: Corn, natural ingredient does not generate CO2 at all during the production
-100 percent biodegradable by microbes in the soil (The speed of biodegradation varies according to the types and thickness of the tableware)
-High Quality Products with excellent durability

 It doesn’t have to be costly to be green with Mother’s Corn. Pricing starts at just $2.95 and all items can be purchased through the website.

I received the items mentioned in this post as compensation. No other compensation was received. The opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experience may vary.

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