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Review: Crazy Dog T-Shirts


One of my favorite things is True Blood. I dream about hanging out at Merlotte’s with Sookie, Sam and all the other great characters! Thanks to Crazy Dog T-Shirts, I can let my imagination carry me away and flaunt my souvenier shirt!

Yup! It’s the tee shirt I chose from Crazy Dog T-Shirts and I LOVE IT!

Crazy Dog T-Shirts, an online t-shirt company based out of Rochester, NY, has put “funny” back into shirts! They have  every kind of conversation-starter shirt you can imagine. 80’s T-shirts, Vintage T-shirts, Bachelor Party T-shirts, junk-food T-shirts and dirt-cheap T-shirts for those gag gifts you may need for everyone’s favorite game of Dirty Santa or the Up and Coming St. Patrick’s Day! Crazy Dog T-shirts has EVERY kind of kooky T-shirt you can imagine

As you can imagine, with so many options, it took me awhile to decide which tee-shirt was my favorite.

At my  house our mantra is to MacGyver it…

Flashbacks from Junior High…

My love affair with The Office…
The reality of my children and husband’s projects…
I knew that no matter which one I selected, it would be a conversation starter! It would be the shirt to make folks take a second look.

In the end, I chose…Merlotte’s Bar and Grill. It arrived last week.

I am very impressed with Crazy Dog T-shirts. The shirts are extra soft–we’re talking my children found every excuse to hug me soft. The printing is bright and does not look like an iron on.

I wore it. My husband wore it. We washed it…three times. On the last wash, I even did laundry like my mother…threw in some towels and tossed the tee-shirt into the dryer! The end results of washing it was that it came out still looking new. There was no blistering or lifting of the design. The shirt did NOT shrink…I’m lovin’ it!
Crazy Dog T-Shirts also has a $9 section on their website where you can choose from many shirts! That is a great deal! Check out the shirts that are available for only $9!

One of the most fun parts of the site is their $6 Mystery Tees.  Now what the heck is a mystery shirt? This shirt once thought to bestow the wearer with mystical powers is now known to the layman as a random t-shirt. You will receive an adult size shirt from our current our discontinued inventory(NOT a second hand or poor quality t-shirt). Womens Shirts are an additional $1. Even better order 10 mystery tees for only $51! Items that have been discontinued, over ordered or we just think it deserves to be the mystery shirt is what you will receive. You do have an option of what size mystery t-shirt you want. So what are you waiting for? Who doesn’t want to solve this crazy mystery?

Crazy Dog T-Shirts also carries costumes for men, women, and dogs!
No. Not these kind of costumes:

THESE kind of costumes:

From the moment you view Crazy Dog Tee-Shirts site it’s fun. A huge selection…most are going to make you gafaw! Affordable pricing and stellar quality!

As St. Patty’s Day approaches I encourage you to see for yourself the amazing customer service and quality Crazy Dog Tees delivers. They make a great gift for someone special…or treat yourself. It’s a tee-shirt worth investing in!

There’s even an enticing incentive for checking out Crazy Dog T-shirts…

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