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He’s All Boy Alpha Flash Cards Capture Attention

I received He’s All Boy Alpha Flash Cards in order to facilitate an honest review.

Flash Cards are a great resource. They teach words, numbers, vocabulary or historical dates. They can be used for any subject matter to learn and memorize.

In the past we have had Disney Princess flash cards, generic flash cards and they did the job. With He’s All Boy Alpha Cards, Li’l Man is loving his reading and speech practice!

He’s All Boy Alpha Flash Cards Capture Attention

alpha cards

When my boys were born I remember thinking of the nursery rhyme, “”snakes and snails and puppy dog tails; that’s what little boys are made of”. I would prove to be true as they grew–Zac brought me snails and seemed to be a walking Norman Rockwell painting. You know the one where the little boy empties his pant pockets and all sorts of critters are discovered! And then there is Li’l Man. He laughs at raunchiness. He tries to add gross and inappropriate words into his daily vocabulary.

So when He’s All Boy Alpha Flash Cards arrived he was curious.

These flash cards were created by Susan Levy, a mom with an entrepreneurial spirit. She uses the humor and subject matter most appealing to young boys to capture their attention and channel it into early core skills.

At the first glance of the box, Li’l Man just said, “Flash Cards?”

Then it happened. His eyebrows knitted together. The sparkle in his eye had serious bling and the corner of his mouth curled up. I could see his lips moving as he read the flash cards. Then, cautiously he spoke, “Um, Mom? Did you know these have THOSE words on them?”


“And you’re gonna let me have them?”


And then he disappeared to study the flash cards.

Alphabet Flash Cards Created Especially for Boys

Those words he mentioned are the words I spend my day bleeping from his vocabulary. We’re talking all those “poops”, “farts” and silliness. The things every boys says–or in Li’l Man’s case, DREAMS of saying!

Levy was the brave mom who realized this genetic vocabulary could capture a boy’s attention and create a thriving resource for learning. As a former elementary school teacher, literacy coach and education consultant, she chose to embrace the “enemy”.

Let’s face it. I’ve heard my son change the words to music and recite his own ABC’s and they weren’t the traditional “A is for Apple”.

He’s All Boy Alpha Flash Cards are bright and engaging flash cards that depict scenarios such as a “Fox” delighting in a well aimed “Fart” or a mischievous “Dinosaur” cliff-dropping “Doo-Doo” above a startled caveman (this one, by the way, is Li’l Man’s favorite).

For the sake of my blog I chose a LESS boy card to share here:

he's all boy alpha cards ABC Flash Cards for Boys

I love that these cards have ended the fight that once was our “practice”. Li’l Man is now eager to read and I can help him with his enunciation. He giggles and we’ve agreed as long as he’s using the cards, the words will be okay.

He’s All Boy Alpha Flash Cards are for Young and Old Alike:

Bright, engaging, and funny, these flash cards are ideal for 3-5 year olds; entertaining to age 99.
MADE IN THE USA.  $11.95
Makes a great back to school treat or even a stocking stuffer for the holidays.
Find He’s All Boy Alpha Flash Cards online at where you will also discover a matching game, placement with new games and tools to come in the future! He’s All Boy, Inc. products are also available at select specialty toy and gift stores nationwide.
Unleash learning’s fun with these alphabet flash cards.
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