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Review: Baby Everywhere

Baby Everywhere
Dad’s Diaper Bag
My husband cringed at the thought of carrying around a Winnie the Pooh or Nursery Themed diaper bag. He’d load his cargo pants with what he thought were necessities and make due like he was on some wilderness survival adventure. It was pathetic really.
What if there was a diaper bag that was as masculine as a dad? What if it was made from really cool materials like Thinsulate and 600-denier microfiber? What if it could secretly conceal a first aid kit, changing mat, blanket, and more? That’d be awesome; right?
Well, look no further. Baby Everywhere has designed the ultimate diaper bag for DAD!
It’s made of 600-denier microfiber material so it’s rugged, like dad. It’s solid black, with no Princesses or Teddy Bears here. Just solid, durable convenience. Baby Everywhere has designed this bag to be a messenger bag with measurements of 15 inches wide x 13 inches x 5 inches deep. That’s plenty of room for all things baby, plus the latest issue of Fur Fish and Game!
It’s durable. It’s surface washable and my husband thinks it’s awesome!

This Dad’s Diaper Bag comes with an adjustable padded strap that my husband can wear over his shoulder or across his chest. It has zippers that are heavy-duty.

Included in this manly bag is a 50-page book “Keeping Your Baby Safe. No more worrying about what to do with a baby as this book provides must-have information to protect a baby at home, in a car, and in an emergency in English or Spanish.

The first-aid packet with sunscreen, antiseptic hand-wipes, and plastic bandages.

It also includes an informational brochure with important numbers that can be filled in for numbers on the go!

The fun of this Diaper Bag doesn’t stop here. It also includes a soft, fleece blanket that measures 20 inches x 33 inches. It’s a royal blue and truly soft enough for a baby’s sensitive skin.

There are a changing pad and heavy-duty zippered pouches perfect for diapers or wipes.

To make it even more appealing, there’s an insulated zippered compartment made from Thinsulate. This compartment is perfect for keeping a baby’s bottle or snack cold for up to five hours! A plastic bottle is even included!
The Everywhere Baby Dad’s Diaper Bag is recommended by the American Academy of Emergency Medicine.

The inside is spacious and a gunmetal grey—appealing to any Dad. There are slots and pockets galore allowing Dad to personalize this diaper bag to stay with him when out and about.
This Everywhere Baby Dad’s Diaper Bag retails for $35.00 and can be purchased directly through the Everywhere Baby Website.

This bag is ideal for long trips or just around town. It’s spacious, made durable, and exhibits excellent craftsmanship.

It did take some use to get it to “plump” up out of the box. My husband enjoyed loading this with snacks for him and the kids. It’s manly enough that he has no issues leaving it in the car and toting it around. He’s thinking of all the great uses for this versatile messenger bag.

My husband’s only request: “Don’t call it a diaper bag!”

Truly this is a great gift for the dad-to-be or a seasoned dad. It’s everything needed for simple caretaking and a bag dad will feel comfortable making his own.

The Dad’s Diaper Bag comes with instructions in English or Spanish.

Baby Everywhere carries a wide selection of great and innovative baby products. Baby Everywhere is also an informative site offering tips, advice, and solutions in the world of parenting. It’s a go-to site for everything baby! I am especially fond of the section on Safety. There’s some great information.

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