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Baby Blanket Music Review

Baby Blanket Music Review Presents Baby Billy Joel

Soothing Lullaby Arrangements of Billy Joel’s Music

Music is a massive part of my life.

While I cannot sing, I love to play CDs and surround myself with the beautiful sound.

My boys will tell you, in their youth, we’d wait for Dad to head out to work, then we’d close the blinds and crank up the music machine.

We Disco-ed, we bopped to the 50s and Grease Soundtrack, we enjoyed every moment of it!

Now there’s a way not to forfeit the great music of Billy Joel, Elton John, John Mayer, and Simon and Garfunkel because you became THE MOM.

Trust me, I’ve listened to my share of Toddler Tunes, and while they’re catchy, they simply cannot replace my favorite songs!

Baby Blanket Music Review

Baby Blanket Music features unique, soothing lullaby arrangments of favorite songs from an array of well-known stars.

It’s music to my ears.

Created by a New York-based teacher, performer, and composter, Josh Rutt, a graduate of Duke University with a major in music, Baby Blanket Music was developed under the guidance of a wide range of doctors, teachers, and child development specialists.

From observing and participating in the event of his closest friends having children, Rutt discovered that the current baby music on the market offered room for improvement.

That was all it took for Rutt to create the music that appealed to babies, parents, and grandparents.

Rutt utilized his lifelong music studies, and his career of working with children and Baby Blanket Music was born!

“I saw that there was a need and an opportunity for new ideas as well as new sounds,” said Josh Rutt, founder and CEO of Baby Blanket Music. “Much of the baby music I was finding was very stripped down, difficult for adults to enjoy, and did not seem particularly enriching for young ones. Since then, my goal has been to create music that is soothing and enhancing for babies while remaining enjoyable for adults.”

Baby Blanket Music features familiar baby sounds like vibraphones and music boxes paired with a full medley of richer, more classical instruments including strings, woodwinds, pianos, harps, and soft percussion.

Together, these instrumental arrangements create gentle textures that are calming and enjoyable to ears of any age.

It’s the perfect combination to soothe baby while enhancing the enjoyment and cognition of music.

Among the smash hits found on the albums are Billy Joel’s Piano Man and Uptown Girl; Elton John’s Tiny Dancer and Your Song; John Mayer’s Daughters and Why Georgia and Simon & Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water and Mrs. Robinson.

Released in March 2010, Baby Blanket Music is finding its way into specialty juvenile product retails, online retailers like iTunes, and of course, it’s available through the Baby Blanket Music Website.

The first four artists in the collection are Baby Billy Joel, Baby Elton John, Baby John Mayer, and Baby Simon and Garfunkel.

Each CD retails for $14.99. More albums from additional artists will follow with two new releases slated for Summer 2010.

We have been listening to Baby Billy Joel, and it is terrific.

The music is very calming and quiet without sacrificing the recognized tune of some great Billy Joel classics like Piano Man, Uptown Girl, Tell Her About It, and Innocent Man.

It’s a clever combination of instruments, and my older children immediately used it as a background to their own vocals.

My soon to be eight-year-old is a big Billy Joel fan and was engulfed in the uniqueness of this CD.

It’s difficult to choose a favorite Billy Joel song as he sings along, and Baby Billy Joel will leave you still searching to finalize a favorite.

I really love She’s Got a Way.

Rutt does an excellent job of conveying the soul and love that the original expressed.

Even without the vocals of Uptown Girl, I can still see the video where Christie Brinkley climbs on the back of Billy Joel’s motorcycle.

Every song in this ten-track CD is a true reminder of Billy Joel’s amazing talent.

You can preview the songs on this great CD by visiting Baby Billy Joel.

Baby Blanket Music is an excellent start to a nursery collection, or for a different slice of your favorite artist.

We have enjoyed Baby Billy Joel while in the car, on the porch, and just lounging around the house.

I highly recommend this CD and know you’ll be as entertained and appreciative as we are with it.



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