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Creating Great Dental Care Habits in Your Child

To enable your kids to maintain a healthy set of teeth, it is necessary to guide them in following these proper dental care habits: regularly wipe or brush your child’s teeth; take your child to the dentist; watch your child’s diet; never give your child bedtime bottle milk or juice, and try some dental sealants.

The secret to keeping your child’s teeth healthy is to care for them. The thing is, you do not know how much dental care your kids really need? Here are five ways by which you can properly care for your child’s teeth:

Regularly wipe or brush your child’s teeth

It is never too early to start caring for your child’s teeth.

Even for infants without any teeth yet, you can wipe the gums to get rid of bacteria from all the milk-drinking and soft food taken in.

When teeth start to grow, you can use a warm washcloth to wipe away bacteria from teeth and gums.

Later on, a soft bristle toothbrush, specially designed for babies, will work just great.

Brush your kid’s teeth at least twice a day.

Soon, you can encourage your kids to brush their own teeth with your supervision.

If they hesitate, try brushing your teeth with them and let them follow.

This will help make an enjoyable teeth care experience for both of you.

Use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste with fluoride to keep their teeth healthy.

Remember to let them spit out the toothpaste after brushing to avoid stains and brown spots on teeth caused by too much fluoride intake.

For younger kids who are not yet able to spit out toothpaste, consider getting fluoride-free toothpaste.

Take your child to the dentist

Even at the early age of one, your child can start making a visit to the dentist as advised by the American Dental Association.

Pediatric dentists specialize in kid’s teeth and help ensure that daily teeth and gum routines are properly maintained.

They also oversee your kids’ possible oral health problems and help them prevent them.

Most dental clinics have pediatric dentists. Look for one in your area to make regular visits convenient for you and your kid.

If you happen to reside within the vicinity of Michigan, you can most likely look for a dentist in your area who can serve your family’s dental care needs well.

Watch your child’s diet

When you were still young, your parents may have always reminded you not to eat too many sweets and acidic drinks as they ruin your teeth.

That holds true.

However, many are unaware that a lot of healthy foods can be as harmful to your child’s teeth as these sweet treats.

Bacteria are not only produced by sweet food intake but also by food rich in carbohydrates, such as bread and pasta, and foods with natural sugars, such as milk and fruits.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should stop giving this food to your kids since they are very important to keep kids healthy.

Extra care should be given, such as drinking enough water to wash down all the food in their mouth and proper brushing.

The same goes for when your kids eat sticky foods as they stick in their teeth, producing more bacteria.

Never give your child a bedtime bottle of milk or juice

As previously mentioned, milk and juices have natural sugars that can cause bacteria, which harm your child’s teeth when not properly cleaned.

It is, therefore, a no-no to give your babies a bottle of milk or juice to get them to sleep and keep them asleep.

Bacteria builds-up overnight, and cavities form, causing tooth decay.

If your child has become dependent on milk and could not sleep without it in their mouth, you should let your baby drink water after the milk bottle to help prevent bacteria build-up.

Check out dental sealants

You may not have heard of dental sealant, but you can ask your dentist about its benefits.

Dental sealant is a non-toxic protective coating that covers the tooth’s surface, keeping bacteria and food particles from getting into the canals of your child’s teeth.

Although also offered to grownups, dental sealants significantly benefit kids over five years old who are less concerned with proper dental care.

Dental sealants usually wear off after four to five years and can be reapplied by your dentist.


As a parent, you always want what’s best for your kids, especially when it comes to health.

That includes healthy teeth and gums. Remember that a healthy kid is still a happy kid and that happiness will always show in your little one’s bright smile.

If you are also interested in dental solutions, you can care for your smile with the dentist in Concord that accepts patients of all ages.

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