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How Recycling Processes Have Changed Over The Past 10 Years

Recycling has changed dramatically in recent years.  Just 10 years ago, the majority of recycling was completed with a dual-stream system, meaning you needed to sort recyclables into individual categories prior to sending them off. On larger recycling scales, companies are recycling more, and finding the most efficient way is to bale recyclable materials using companies like BaleForce Recycling Equipment to help them succeed.

The recycling processes have changed dramatically in the past ten years from the individual to more companies coming on board to recycle waste.

The number of people who recycled with a single stream system where all items of varying materials can be combined into one bin constituted only a fifth of all recycling programs. Today, however, 64% of recycling programs in U.S. communities have moved towards the single-stream system. This increases the ease with which people can recycle, making it more likely for consumers to take part in programs offered within their own communities. Of course, not all programs accept the same materials, which mean consumers still need to verify which items can be placed into their recycling bins.

Not only has the single-stream system made it easier for consumers, but they have also made it easier for those who haul the items on pickup day. The amount of recyclables collected has increased by 40%. Take note that items need to be cleaned prior to placing them in the recycling bin. If they cross-contaminate, it can result in the entire group of items no longer being recyclable.

Providence Journal suggests you flatten your cardboard cartons and keep any unacceptable items out of the bin to avoid creating blockages in the machinery used to separate the objects.

Recycling is such an important part of saving our oceans and marine life and ensuring our planet can support and sustain us.

For more information on recycling processes, check out the following infographic.

Where Your Recyclables Go


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