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Signs You’re Ready to Move Forward with a Divorce

When you got married, you likely did so with the belief you would stay with your partner forever. And while this is, of course, the end goal for most couples, the truth is, that unions don’t always work out. Sometimes, it’s better for you and your family if you decide to end the relationship and move on. But how can you tell when it’s time to take the plunge and contact a family lawyer about divorce? It can be overwhelming to try and figure out, especially considering it’s such a life-altering decision says Brock Law Firm. If you’ve been going back and forth about the right move to make, consult the guide below. If these warning signs seem familiar, it’s likely time to call it quits.

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You’re Fighting All the Time

Fighting in a relationship is normal. In fact, says Oprah Magazine, it’s healthy to have disagreements now and then. But the frequency of your fights and the kinds of disagreements you’re getting into could indicate that your marriage isn’t working.

For example, it isn’t healthy if you and your spouse get into massive blowouts every single day. This indicates significant resentment and anger in the relationship.

It also isn’t healthy if you continue to fight about the same thing repeatedly. Ideally, when you disagree about a particular topic, you would talk about it, take the necessary steps to fix the issue, and then move on. If you continue to fight about the same issues, it means one of you isn’t taking the problem seriously or working to improve things.

You’re Not on the Same Page

You and your partner don’t have to like the same things or even have the same goals. But there are a few, fundamental topics on which you must agree. Factors like how you spend or save money, religion, and having children are all issues you need to be on the same page about.

These major life areas often don’t provide much room for compromising without resentment. For example, if you want to have kids, but your spouse doesn’t, it’s going to be very difficult to build a cohesive life in which one person doesn’t feel like they’re making a major sacrifice. 

You Don’t Feel Connected

When you first started dating your partner, you likely experienced the intense passion and infatuation that came with the honeymoon phase, explains RCC Austin. As you get more comfortable, it’s normal for these feelings to mellow out. However, love and connection shouldn’t disappear completely.

For example, if you don’t enjoy spending time with your partner or find yourself looking for excuses to be alone, that could be a bad warning sign. A lack of physical or emotional intimacy may also indicate that it’s time to consider separating. This doesn’t necessarily mean physical; intimacy can be as simple as holding hands, cuddling at night, or kissing one another goodbye when leaving for work. But if all intimacy has vanished, and you’re not interested in rekindling it, it may be that your marriage is coming to a close.

What to Do if You’re Considering Divorce

If the aforementioned warning signs seem familiar, it might be time to consider ending your marriage. This can be difficult, but it’s important to remember that neither you nor your partner should have to sacrifice your happiness. You both deserve a life where you can thrive, and it’s simply impossible to do that in a marriage that isn’t working anymore.

Talking to a family law attorney is the first step toward entering a new chapter. Although it may be painful to close the door to your relationship, you’ll both have the opportunity to move forward with peace, happiness, and freedom at the end of it all.

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