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Purex Complete with Zout Make It Your Laundry Routine

Laundry is a chore I really don’t mind. In fact I sorta kinda like it. Late last week a package arrived from Purex Insiders. With the move and out of town guests, it was a great highlight. I opened it to discover 60-ounces of Purex Complete with Zout-Triple Enzyme Stain Remover! It was time to do laundry.

Let’s not kid ourselves, my children and husband know how to grime and grit up their clothes. We switched to a HE machine about two years ago and Purex comes through with making their Purex Complete perfect for ALL machine types. 

Li’l Man confessed he had a huge chocolate stain on the cuff of his new Star Wars sweatshirt. I poured some Purex Complete with Zout on the cuff and let it set while I sorted the clothes. I tossed in the sweatshirt and forgot to check the cuff before piling the clothes in the dryer…No worries, Purex Complete with Zout came through like a Jedi, removing the chocolate stain perfectly!

I have used Zout and found it worked great in pretreatment of some of our more stubborn stains. I also love Purex. It works well and it’s economical for our large family. Now these two laundry powerhouses collide creating a truly great laundry detergent at an affordable price..averaging between $3.99 and $7.99 depending on the size of the bottle.

The goodness doesn’t stop there. Purex has created the Purex Complete with Zout in two fragrances that will have you in scent heaven. For those that like a little deliciousness in your laundry there’s Fresh Morning Burst and for the rest of you, who prefer simple, there’s Free and Clear, a hypoallergenic and fragrance free version!  Purex Complete with Zout is the first Free & Clear detergent to call out an added stain fighter!

Purex Complete with Zout Triple Enzyme Stain Remover may be difficult to find as it has just been released and is available at a few select retailers currently. Hang in there, it is scheduled to hit major retailers like Target and Walmart the end of March

I am a Purex Insider. I received a 60-oz. bottle of Purex Complete with Zout from Purex in order to share my honest opinion. No other compensation was received. The opinions, where expressed, are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.
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