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Pros And Cons Of Aluminum And Plastic Water Bottles

Meta: Aluminum vs plastic water bottles are both favored choices in supermarkets, but which is the best option? The answer is in this article. Check it out!

 Manufacturers of water bottles always provide consumers with a wide choice of materials. However, this variety is overwhelming to some of us in choosing the most suitable one. Do not worry. This article will provide a detailed overview of the two most popular products today: Aluminum vs plastic water bottles. Join us to find out the useful information below.

The Pros And Cons Of Aluminum Bottles

Recently, aluminum has also gradually emerged as a new phenomenon in the bottling industry thanks to its great benefits. On the downside, it still brings some inconvenient experiences. Here are the details:

Advantages Of Aluminum Bottles


As you know, aluminum is a highly durable metal. The sturdy outer shell helps to increase the use time of this product many times compared to plastic types.

Aluminum bottles are not damaged much by impact.

Besides, this material can withstand some moderate impacts in which the shape of the water bottle may change slightly from the original, but the quality remains the same.

Good For Health

Aluminum is a food-grade metal that does not disintegrate and get mixed up in your drinks.

You may be concerned about aluminum reacting with some of the acids found in carbonated water or orange juice, but new technology has completely solved this problem.

Aluminum water bottle brings great benefits for health and environment.

Manufacturers apply liner material such as enamel, polymer, or epoxy.

These compounds prevent aluminum from interacting with any substances.


First, the new aluminum bottle does not retain unpleasant odors.

You can use it immediately after purchase.

This wonderful property also lasts throughout your usage.

By comparison, some people may experience the opposite with certain plastic products.

Second, the aluminum layer prevents direct sunlight from coming into contact with the water inside the bottle.

It avoids the transformation of certain substances that are harmful to your health.

As a result, this material keeps the liquid cool longer.

It seems to be a perfect choice for every picnic trip or gym practice.

Last but not least, this type of bottle offers the same great health benefits as stainless steel, but it weighs much lighter.

Normally, a bottle is only about 1 oz. It is very convenient to carry with you in any situation.

aluminum bottle stainless steel

Disadvantages Of Aluminum Bottles

Difficult To Clean

You cannot clean aluminum bottles in the dishwasher.

It is best to do the cleaning by hand and with manual tools.

This method allows you to observe the remaining dirt and disinfect it completely.

Less Insulation

You can only use an aluminum bottle for hot water when it has insulation.

However, products with this feature are often quite expensive and not very popular.

Contain BPA

As noted above, this type of product usually comes with a liner.

However, it is very easy to scratch after a period of use and loses its most important benefit.

Some researchers are concerned that this layer contains BPA, which is harmful to health.

disadvantages Of Aluminum Bottle

The Pros And Cons Of Plastic Bottles

Plastic is one of the most popular materials in the world today.

However, many studies have shown the bad effects of this material on both health and the environment.

Is it worth your money?

Benefits Of Plastic Water Bottles


Plastic products are generally the cheapest you can find at the supermarket.

You do not even need to buy a new one and can take advantage of using bottled water.

However, we recommend that you use reusable plastic bottles.

It is made from high-quality plastic and does not contain BPA, which can be harmful to health.

Its use also contributes to reducing the amount of waste discharged into the environment.

Wide Range Of Choice

Plastic bottles have a numbering system based on the material used in the manufacturing process.

They often differ in heat resistance as well as product construction.

This variety attracts a lot of buyers. However, you need to consider carefully to come up with the right product for long-term use.

plastic water bottles in all sizes

The Downside Of Plastic Water Bottles

Environmental Impacts

The consumption of plastic bottles drives the plastic manufacturing industry, which uses petroleum products (PET), non-renewable energy.

It also consumes 2000 times more energy and three times as much water (cannot be reused due to chemical exposure).

To put it plainly, factories have wasted resources and released toxic waste into the environment to produce plastic water bottles.

Do you know how your plastic bottles end up when you’re done using them?

Only 12% of the billions of plastic bottles used each year are properly recycled.

The rest ends up in landfills or floating in the ocean.

Most plastic bottles are released into the environment.

As you probably already know, plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose.

Long-term existence in soil or water contaminates the habitat of animals and destroys the ecosystems.

According to research, many creatures mistake plastic bottles for food and are then slowly killed due to microplastics in those bottles.

Health Impacts

We have emphasized many times the harmful effects of BPA above.

Unfortunately, it is the main ingredient used in the production of plastic bottles.

Scientists have shown that Bisphenol A disrupts hormones, interferes with development, and causes several reproductive diseases and infertility.

Recently, health studies have warned of a serious condition: microplastics are found in the human body. Is it time to ban all plastic bottles?

water bottles as waste

Aluminum Vs Plastic Water Bottles: Which One Is The Best Option?

We have gone through all the pros and cons of aluminum vs plastic water bottles.

So which one should you buy?

Plastic bottles are convenient and cheap, but you should think a lot about their effects.

It would be best to learn about the plastic number before buying.

If you prefer this type of product, we highly recommend a usable plastic bottle for long-term benefits.

Reusable plastic bottles eliminate some of the bad health effects.

By comparison, aluminum bottles have more outstanding advantages.

Above all, it is good for health in general.

If you care about environmental issues, we recommend using it instead of plastic products.

In Conclusion

This article has just shown you the difference between aluminum vs plastic water bottle. The choice varies from person to person. It depends on your preferences and lifestyle. Whichever product you choose, keep in your mind the disadvantages of both types. Pay more attention to product quality instead of price to have an excellent water bottle.


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