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Print Up Some Cash with the Kids with these Fake Money Templates

How to Make Fake Money With Your Kids
Making fake money with these fake money templates can be a great way for your children to learn basic math and finance skills. It’s also a fun craft project that will keep them busy for an afternoon. It might not turn out exactly like real money or even Monopoly money but it can still be a great activity for kids.

Free money templates are available on a number of websites, where you can print play money for students or children.

Print Up Some Cash with the Kids with these free fake money templates
Here are the following steps to make fake money:

Find a website that has free fake money templates

There are a number of websites that offer free templates.

Looking for fake money to print? is one choice: they have fake money template PDFs that you can download with 1, 5, and 100 fake dollar bills to print.

Kids Money Farm is another site that offers realistic looking fake money templates you can print.

Be sure the bills are clearly marked as fakes so that you won’t get in legal trouble.

They are to be used for educational and entertainment purposes only.

Get the right paper to print your fake money

Make sure to only use thick paper – preferably gray or white when you’re printing your fake money.

If you only have regular paper then that will work too but the thicker paper is the best.

Cut the fake bills

Get a pair of scissors and cut up the bills.

To make your fake money look more “real”, you can paste two bills together so that your money is double-sided.

Make sure that the denomination is the same on both sides of the bill, though.

free fake money templates

Now your child can play with the fake money

Once your bills are finished you can play games with your child and help them with basic math.

You can even make small coins to help them do more intricate calculations.

Try setting up a fake store and selling items around the house or have your child redeem their allowance using the fake money they’ve earned from their chores.

There you have it: a quick and easy activity that will introduce your children to the world of money.

Printable play money for use teaching money math or for pretend play. Denominations from $1 to $100 in ready to print templates!

It would be safe to say that you probably shouldn’t try to print your own money for legal, or technological reasons.

If you are looking to print coins for currency check out Stem Sheets. They allow you to create custom sheets of printable play United States coins. You can choose the number of coins, which side of the coin is printed, and which coins are included.

1, 5, and 10 fake dollar bills to print. 50-dollar-bill-play-money-template $100 bill fake money to print


Under federal law, the use or attempted use of counterfeit currency is illegal if the person has the intent to defraud the recipient.

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