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Precious Angel Bows Review

My girls love looking at hair bows and Precious Angel Bows has a great selection and some really fun bows!  When a box arrived with the return address announcing it was from Robbye of Precious Angel Bows, my girls squealed!

When we opened the box, it truly took our breaths away! Inside was not one, but TWO of the most beautiful bows.

lady bug bow
The first bow is cute as a bug–seriously! This bow is made from a 1.5″ white grosgrain ribbon with bright spring colors. Its design is red and white ladybugs and green ladybugs with a big white and pink daisy.  Robbye compliments the ladybugs with a kelly green grosgrain ribbon that really makes the green “POP” on the ladybug ribbon. The details of this bow don’t stop there…oh, no! Inside the Lady Bug Ribbon is a 1″ grosgrain hot pink ribbon printed with dainty swirls. It is topped with a 1/4″ hotter pink grosgrain ribbon, looped with a shimmering white and pink 1/4″ ribbon, and a mild pink with white polka dot ribbon. The loops keep on going–a one-inch ladybug ribbon pulls it all together loop after loop!
We’ve spent a lot of money on bows in the past. We have a closet where a ribbon hangs from top to bottom of bows. Regretfully, many of these bows were poorly made. They are the ones we have learned from–the ones my husband says have made us “bow-experts”.
Precious Angel Bows pass our test. The ends of the ribbon are cut in a “v”. It’s not the cut we care about–it’s that the ends are sealed. Precious Angel Bows will not fray or unravel.
Our next test is that the center, that actually makes the bow is secure. There is nothing worse than a little girl coming home with a bow that’s “untied” itself. Robbye has securely “tied” the “knot” part of the bow and reinforced it–it’s going and coming back still the same!
The barrette is nothing out of the ordinary. Precious Angel Bows uses the typical clip. The part that makes Precious Angel Bows stand out is the finished work on the back-side of the barrette.
These bows are just as beautiful on the underside. The barrette is “upholstered” with grosgrain ribbon and the ends are secure. This allows the barrette to stay firmly in place without tying up the hair.
The craftsmanship and attention to detail are impressive!
The second bow is a brown and pink one and my girls LOVE this color combination! The deep chocolate ribbon is gussied up with yellow, orange, lime green, and hot pink flowers. Spring just keeps leaping out of this one with the polka dot ribbon to match the bows. Shimmering hot pink ribbon loops through this bow giving it some “bow-bling”. It’s a combination that is eye-catching and delightful!
I would recommend Precious Angel Bows to anyone who knows a special girl. These bows are impeccably made and the textures, colors, and combinations make them absolutely perfect.
My girls are laying out their clothes, finding the perfect outfit to wear with these beauties!
Allow me just a moment to share with you another great thing about Precious Angel Bows. Robbye is giving 100% of all proceeds from many of her listings to benefit Emily Schmidt’s family fund to cover medical expenses.
This is part of a program called “Hope for God’s Children”  It’s a great program and I’m in awe that Robbye is donating 100% to help a family who has lost the greatest gift–a child.

Thank you, Robbye for the beautiful bows and for being an inspirational Etsy Artist!

Disclosure: No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post. I was sent the product mentioned above by the sponsor as a token of appreciation. The opinions above are my own and were not in any way influenced by the sponsor. Other’s experience may vary.


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