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Playtex Sport Body Wipes

When a Shower Isn’t an Option

At the end of last year, the Beauty Queen and I had a conversation about how body’s change as we mature. We talked about the obvious, body odor and together we went shopping for deodorant and body spray. It took her some time to get use to using it every day. She’s still a tad young, but her body is developing and the dreaded “puberty” is nearing.

A month ago, we stepped up the game and the Beauty Queen and I again went shopping. We purchased Playtex Sport Body Wipes and discussed possible ways they could be used. Really, they have unlimited options. Some of our list included:

1.) After soccer
2.) After recess
3.) Hiking
4.) During our walk
5.) Away from home.

The Beauty Queen loves soccer and we began implementing the Playtex Sport Body Wipes after practices and games. It was great because one wipe cleaned her up and made her feel “clean”. It also gave us the opportunity to run a few necessary errands without her feeling gross from sweat.

I tried the wipes after a four mile walk and was impressed by how fresh I felt and the ease of using the wipes. They are lightly scented, but not over-powering.

The Beauty Queen packs the Playtex Sport Body Wipes each day in her book bag. She uses them after recess at school and says she notices a big difference in feeling clean and ready to do her work. I feel confident because I know this little detail is helping her with her hygiene and helping her feel confident.

It’s a great product and perfect for so many everyday moments when a shower isn’t an option but you want the clean feeling.

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