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Top 5 Tips for Smart Pet Photography

Pet photography is a wonderful way to bond with your furry friends. As a pet parent, you will encounter several click-worthy moments with your four-legged pal. But a timely capture of such “pawsome” can be slightly challenging. The bottom line is you have to keep in mind some things to ensure amazing photography keepsakes with your pet.

But no worries, the post below offers a brief tutorial from Digital Photography School on smart pet photography.

Orange Tabby Cat on Grey Staircase


Top 5 Tips for Smart Pet Photography

Plan a context

Candid pet shots are no doubt cool.

But when you are looking for real engaging shots, it’s best to create a context and a story.

For example, your beloved pawed friend jumping for joy by seeing your munchkin back from school could be an amazing context.

Another good example would be your feline friend sneaking into your dining room by the smell of fried fish on the wok.

You may even get some props like food or your pet’s favorite toy, which can bring out unforgettable expressions of delight or excitement.

A Kitten Looking Up

Shoot at their comfort zone

It’s advised to avoid shooting pets at a studio or any place that is unfamiliar to them.

Your main aim here is to capture their best expressions, which is not possible if you force them to pose in some unfamiliar place.

So, try to concentrate on places that the pet is familiar with.

It could be their favorite corner in your house, the lawn, or the nearby park where your furry friend goes for a walk every day.

The best thing would be to photograph them outdoors.

Cute Brown Puppy

Mind the light

Light is a very important aspect of pet photography as you must see catch-lights in your pet’s eyes.

So, do not ever shoot in some dark area or on overcast days.

Diffused yet bright light is the best for pet photography.

However, as mentioned earlier, shooting your furry friend outdoors would be better to get the most natural light.

Try to shoot them in the early morning when the sun’s rays are bright yet not too scorching.

Pets are most comfortable in natural surroundings and, hence, will come up with the best expressions.

Try to avoid external lights as much as possible, as those may frighten them.

Cute Maltese Puppy

Shoot at the pet’s level

This point is significant when you are doing pet photography.

We are used to watching our pets from above, given that we are taller than them.

But if you take pictures from above, you won’t be able to capture their expressions at their best.

Thus, according to pros, you must get down to your pet’s level while shooting them.

How much you would have to stoop down depends largely on the height and type of your pet.

For example, if it’s a cat, you must get down to your ankle.

But you may have to bend at your hip if it’s a big dog like Great Dane.

Add text to photos.

Your photo album will be incomplete if you don’t add textual descriptions to your photos.

You may wish to add some fun captions to each of the photos.

But how to add text to photos?

Well, you have photo editor programs today that will enable you to add text to photos.

Movavi Photo Editor is an advanced image editor that enables you to add any kind of text to photos easily.

You will be able to completely customize the text size, color, transparency, and several other parameters as per your typical preferences.

Find more details about this photo editor on Movavi.

Finally, be slow but steady.

Also, you must be patient as you may have to wait for a long to get that perfect expression.

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