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Ovarian Cancer and It’s Progress – All You Need To Know

So, diagnosed with ovarian cancer? Right? Now, you are experiencing a colossal headache thinking about what’s next, right after the emotional tumult.

Although identifying the prognosis is necessary, it is yet a general protocol that diverges from one individual to another.

A multifold of individual factors cannot be omitted, including age and overall health.

Ovarian Cancer and It’s Progress – All You Need To Know

So, diagnosed with ovarian cancer?

The Stages:

Once you know that there is a tumor in one or both the ovaries, the very next thing you got to ask your doctor what is the stage of cancer.

It is a measure to illustrate the spread of the tumor and what kind of treatment you require.

Three fundamental factors help to determine the exact stage:

The Turmour’s Size

How Deep the Cancer Has Spread To The Tissues and Around the Ovaries

The Spread of the Tumour to the Distant Areas of the Body

The Four Stages of Ovarian Cancer:

Stage 1:

In the first stage of ovarian cancer, the tumor has not advanced beyond the ovaries.

Stage 2:

In this stage of the ovarian tumor, the spread of cancer has engulfed one or both the ovaries and covering the full pelvis.

Stage 3:

During the third stage, the tumor is in one or both ovaries and the lining of the abdomen or has covered the abdomen’s lymph nodes.

Stage 4:

This is the most advanced stage; during this stage, the tumor has spread to the distant organs of the body.

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Types of Ovarian Cancer:

The prognosis depends upon the stage, and the cancer type is later.

This cancer is subcategorized into:


This type originates from the layer of the tissues on the outside of the ovaries.


The development of this tumor is from the hormone-producing cells.

Germ cell

This type originates from the egg-producing cells.

As per the recent report released by the Mayo Clinic, 90% of the people diagnosed with ovarian cancer have the epithelial tumor, 7% of ovarian tumors, while the germ cell tumor is a rarity.

A recent American Cancer Society stat read that the five-year relative survival rate of these three types of ovarian cancer is 44%.

Like any other cancer form, early detection is paramount to increase the survival rate.


As per a matter of truth, there is still no conclusive medical study to highlight the various causes of ovarian cancer; there is a complete mist of cloud over this.

Some are suggesting lifestyle is a big factor that contributes to the development of it, while several medical research papers are suggesting a linkage between talcum powder and ovarian cancer.

Women across the globe have filed talcum powder lawsuits against the international renewed brands concerning the above latest cause of the ovarian tumor.

talcum powder

The various factors linked to the increased chances of developing ovarian tumor are as follows:


While ovarian tumors can develop at any age, the risk is high for those in their 50s and 60s.

Inherited Gene Mutations

A very small percentage of ovarian cancer occurs by inheriting infected gene mutations from the parents.

Estrogen Hormone Replacement Therapy

This happens in the case of prolonged use and a larger dose.

Prevention of the Ovarian Cancer

As a matter of truth, there is no for sure means to safeguard yourself from the risk of developing ovarian cancer, but can reduce the risk by adhering to the following preventing tips: –

Consider Taking Birth Control Pills

Discuss Your Risk Factors With Your Doctor

Limit the Use of Talcum Powder as Thousands of lawsuits Are Filed Each Year; Until a Medical Study Pops-Up That Dismiss This Claim.

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Screening and early detection of ovarian cancer are important to significantly improve the outlook for patients with the conventional treatment method rather than the need to undergo the surgical procedure.

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