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Organic B.R.A.T. the Feel Better Drink

Growing up and well into my early Mommy years it was instilled in me that when stomach issues arrive eat B.R.A.T (Bananas. Rice. Applesauce. Toast.) and feel better. It’s saved my family in those turbulent hours and given us rest.  Now a company out of San Luis Obispo, California has made life even easier with an electrolyte drink for children called B.R.A.T.




Rice, and





I love the variety of flavors offered…so far from Bananas. Rice. Applesauce. Toast. We’re talking Chocolate Honey, Vanilla, Original and Cinnamon Toast. Delicious appeal!

So what is Organic B.R.A.T. The Feel Better Drink? Sheer genius. Okay, besides that it is a non-dairy drink for kiddos and grownups. It was inspired by the principles of the tried and true B.R.A.T. diet to calm a tummy.

From the Organic B.R.A.T. Website: 
Free of pesticides, the common allergens and any added sugar, Organic B.R.A.T.™ feel better drink is an all-natural and tasty way to to settle an upset stomach and aid in rehydration. With four delicious flavors to choose from, Organic B.R.A.T.™ feel better drinks are perfect for children and adults suffering from a variety of ailments such as the flu virus, digestive disorders, morning sickness, chemotherapy side effects, food allergies and symptoms of dehydration. 

The Divine Miss M is in a constant battle with her tummy so when we received B.R.A.T. I served her up some. She recognized it was Cinnamon Toast and while she was not fond of the taste (“It tastes kinda like water”) she drank it up and later commented on how much better she felt. Li’l Man thought it was delicious and asked for it by name until the box was gone!

I love that it is made from the highest quality ingredients and that their ten percent of B.R.A.T.’s net profits go to children’s charities. It’s also Pediatrician Recommended and gluten and dairy free. It’s peace of mind in a box!

You can find out more about the diet by visiting or ordering online.

I received Cinnamon Toast B.R.A.T. in order to facilitate an honest review. No other compensation was received. The opinions where expressed are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experience may vary.

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