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Orderly Chic Review

Running a household takes some mad organizing skills and thanks to Orderly Chic our home just pulled it together. Designed to ease the stress and chaos of everyday life, Orderly Chic makes organizing a cinch with a flair for beauty!

Orderly Chic offers note boards in fun shapes and styles so everyone in the house can leave notes to one another, reminders to themselves, or as my kiddos have discovered, doodle the day away!

Orderly Chic's Grocery List Board

Orderly Chic’s Grocery List Board

I didn’t say anything when I hung the Grocery List Board from the Cloud Series. The four round magnets are powerful and it grabbed on to our refrigerator. My husband was the first in the kitchen and wanted to know what it was. I told him, ‘Think dry erase board with style”. He rolled his eyes and left. My grandmother noticed it and my mother-in-law LOVED it.

orderly chic's coffee cup noteboard

orderly chic’s coffee cup noteboard

My mother in law is a Starbucks junkie, so while she was here we converted the coffee cup shaped Orderly Chic noteboard into a rotating daily Starbucks Recipe board. It was great fun!

The noteboards are fun for not only the refrigerator, but the powerful magnets make it ideal for lockers and any metal object.

The cupcake notebook gets a lot of squees from the girls at my house.

While the mirrored skull is manly enough for my husband and Li’l Man. While the girls use it to primp and pose, driving the men-folk nuts! Love the battle of the sexes!

I love that we each have our own style and Orderly Chic brings that to life. We can leave notes or the family can add to the grocery list and I’m not searching for a piece of paper. The list board and magnetic dry erase marker makes note taking fun and easy.

Orderly Chic is a great way to showcase the beauty of organization. Visit Orderly Chic and check out the selection. There’s one for everyone on your holiday list!

*I received Orderly Chic in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed, are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experience may vary.
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