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Ickee Stickeez Review

On November 16, I tuned in for a Twitter Party with Zing Retailers and their Ickee Stickeez. To be honest I had no idea what an Ickee Stickeez was. Turns out they are squishy silly toys that pop and bounce, give sisters the heebie-jeebies and according to a now six year old, totally “awesome!”

Ickee Stickeez Review

I think they are very similar to Squinkees only not so cutie-pattootie! They each come in their own little plastic orb. This is their pod when they are tired of hanging from their small suction cup all over the house. Inside the pod they can be rolled around or just stored to gawk at and inspire children to think of what other Ickee Stickeez they want to add to the collection. Even cooler is the ability to connect the PODZ to create various structures and environments for the li’l Ickeez!

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About Ickee Stickeez

111,111,111 years ago, the ICKEEZ came to Earth! Packed in their Travel-PODZ, the ICKEEZ separated on impact, and scattered everywhere across the globe. Alone in their new environment, each ICKEE began to thrive and adapt. Finally, they are coming back together again, stacking PODZ and showing up in “ickee” spots! Look close and you’ll find them stickin’ around in all sorts of places!

The Ickee Stickeez Series 1 has 24 disgusting characters to collect. Each one comes with it’s own suction cup, enabling it to stick on a smooth flat surface. There is fun in freaking out the sisters to be certain, however, it is amplified when the Ickeez is removed due to the loud “POP!” sound it makes.

Available in Three-Packs there’s a surprise to collect! These tripple-pack assortments have three collectors Koinz that correspond to the Ickeez included in the package. Each Koinz has a number that can be entered on the ICKEEZ Website for even more fun, including the character’s back story, short videos and wallpapers. We love the Ickee Picker where learning about a specific Ickee is hilarious fun!

Ickeez are also available in single-packs with a recommended retail of $1.25

Every Ickee has their own “ickee.” Take Mouch for example he is all about fingernail clippings. I think it’s gross; Li’l Man thinks it’s hilarious that Mouch is a nail-biter and hangs out on the computer keyboard. I’m telling you that much DNA just isn’t necessary!

I tell Li’l Man he is much like Zee-Noh who hangs out in chill environments and likes smashing and breaking nice things. He, like Li’l Man, also dislikes sitting still.

Then there’s these guys:

Ickee Stikeez are absolutely disgusting but endless fun in their squishy, squeezy, sticky way! They’re the perfect addition for every day fun and would make a great stocking stuffer.

*I received Ickee Stickeez in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.
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