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Mermaid Swimming Techniques

Do you have a dream of swimming like a beautiful mermaid? With dedication and practice, you can easily learn different mermaid swimming techniques to move with the power and grace of these mystical creatures. Once you learn to swim like a mermaid with a mermaid swimsuit, you will be able to complete your transformation with more confidence.

Best mermaid swimming techniques

Have you bought your mermaid swimsuit and are all set to learn different mermaid swimming techniques?

Let’s have a look at some of the best mermaid swimming techniques below to get a better idea about the things in this regard.

So, here we go:

Breath control

The importance of breath control can’t be stressed enough when it is about flawlessly learning mermaid swimming techniques.

You have to learn proper breathing techniques to achieve effective breath control.

However, there are multiple ways to do so when it comes to practicing this.

To start with, take a large household bowl or tub fill it with water.

Now submerge your face after putting goggles on your face.

When in water, leave your face open slightly and blow out bubbles from your nose.

You can also play around with intensity to know how it will impact your timing underwater.

Once you are comfortable with this, you can start practicing rhythmic breathing.

Have you done your breath control practice?

Now is the best time to take your practice a step ahead to start learning different mermaid swimming techniques.

Dolphin kick

Dolphin kick is a specific body motion used by mermaids to swim.

In this swimming stroke, you will kick with the feet together instead of a separate kick with each leg.

This swimming technique works best because your legs will be in a mermaid tail.

This is a full-body wave motion involving strong legs, flexibility, and core muscle strength.

In this technique, you will propel yourself while keeping your legs together by pushing water up, down with your feet.

In the dolphin kick swimming technique, your entire body has to move in a fluid motion.

You should start it with a braced core, then initiate the body roll underwater with the hips and carry it throughout the body.

black hair Mermaid swimming underwater in the deep blue sea and looking at you

Front float

Before jumping into the ocean to enjoy mermaid swimming, you must know how to float while wearing a mermaid swimsuit.

In the front float technique, the entirety of your body’s front will be in the water.

You will be floating on your stomach with your back out of the water.

Here are the steps to learn the front float technique more effectively:

  • Prefer to go to a shallow side of the pool.
  • Now take a deep breath and hold it inside.
  • Bend your body at your waist and sinewy into the water. Keep half of your head underwater.
  • Lift one of your feet up at a time. Stretch your feet in the water to float on the water.
  • Relax here, as this is the most important thing to do. Otherwise, you won’t be able to stay afloat with tensed muscles.
  • Turn your head out of the side but don’t lift it out of the water completely. Take a breath and face down again.

Back float

When you cannot hold your breath in the water anymore, then come to the surface and start back floating.

This is the best thing you can do here to get more air in.

  • For back floating, go on your back and tilt your head back, so its back is submerged.
  • Keep your forehead submerged in the water slightly, while your face should be out of the water completely.  
  • Relax again because tensed muscles will make your body unstable and start sinking.
  • Keep your stomach up and body length.
  • When you take a deep breath, your lungs will be filled with air and help you stay afloat.


A streamline is basically a position to hold your arms while doing a dolphin kick while swimming like a mermaid.

You have to keep your arms straight above your head in this condition.

Use your forearms to squeeze your ears and position your hands extended but together.

This position will let you face the least resistance in the water.

So, a streamlined position will be perfect for adding efficiency and speed in the water while mermaid swimming.


Rollover is another move that can be used during mermaid swimming when you want to roll or shift your position from the back float to the front float or vice versa.

Even more, rollover is also one of the most wonderful moves to use when you want to twirl underwater.

You have to turn your head to one side to perform a rollover.

You also have to angle your shoulders to the direction you are going to roll in. For a faster and more efficient rollover, you have to engage your core in this process.

Remember that your body will follow the direction in which your head is turning.

Therefore, whenever you start to turn with your eyes into the water, your body will automatically follow that direction.


Have you ever thought about what exactly sculling is all about and how it will enable you to swim like a graceful mermaid?

Well, sculling is one of the most fundamental mermaid swimming techniques.

Most swimmers prefer to use this technique to feel the water. For a good reason, sculling is an important technique to learn in mermaid swimming.

Sculling is a technique that will let you gauge water pressure by focusing on your hand’s pitch in water.

This pitch will let you determine how fast you will swim and in what direction.

To master this technique, all you have to do is practice moving both hands in an 8-digit motion underwater.

Even though this technique sounds pretty simple, it requires practice to master it.

So, these are some of the best mermaid swimming techniques you must learn if you want to move gracefully, just like a mermaid underwater.


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