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Mercury Retrograde: Effects on Relationships & How to Harness Its Energy

Between May 29th and June 22nd, Mercury will be in retrograde, where it appears to be moving backward from our position on Earth.

According to Arcadian, an in-house expert from, Mercury retrograde in Gemini “is an opportunity the Universe gives us to slow down and re-think, a time to change reoccurring life cycles and re-conceptualize our relationships.” spoke exclusively to Daisy Foss, International Healer, to shed light on the effects of Mercury retrograde on our romantic relationships and how to harness its energy.

Solar system planet Mercury on nebula background 3d rendering.

Mercury Retrograde Effect On Relationships:

This upcoming retrograde will occur under Mercury’s ruling sign of Gemini, intensifying any desires for freedom or to explore.

This causes the potential for substantial relationship challenges such as cheating, betrayal, or loss of intimacy.

As this planet appears to retreat, it may feel like it’s all going wrong in your love life, as you bring up issues and arguments from the past.

Communication is key, and with Mercury, the planet of communication, seemingly backtracking, you have to work extra hard!

Focus on making your relationship stronger by talking, being honest, and being openhearted.

Due to the intense Gemini energy during these two weeks, it is hard to make rational decisions and easily misinterpret signals.

As a result, it is not advised to start a relationship in retrograde, especially reverting to ex-partners or friends you haven’t seen in a while.

This is common as we can sometimes yearn for the past during this time; however, the grass is not always greener!

Focus on the romantic and platonic relationships you already have as all are open for a retrograde upgrade, be loving and patient with your loved ones during this time.

Amazonite with Succulents and Spiky Balls on Black Table

How To Harness The Energy Of Mercury Retrograde:

The energy of Gemini is very flirty, romantic, and clever, always seeing two sides to everything, however, combined with the broken cycle of its ruling planet in retrograde, these two weeks can be emotionally chaotic.

The crystal Amazonite is particularly potent during this time due to the intense Gemini energy while transitioning into June. 

By balancing masculine and feminine energies, Amazonite helps you see both sides of any personal or interpersonal problems, which is vital during this strained communication.

Try warming up an Amazonite crystal with a radiator or candle to expel this calming and neutralizing energy.

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