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Two and a Half Men: Season 8 Role Models

One of my absolute favorite shows is Two and a Half Men. It takes life and gives it humor. I can relate to it and find it appealing because my life is filled with people like Alan, Jake and Charlie Harper.

Despite the fact that Alan is Jake’s biological father, Jake often looks up to and mimics his uncle Charlie the most. While I don’t know that Charlie is the purest of role models, he is successful and loves Jake in his own twisted way.

Thinking back to my childhood, my biggest role model was my mom. I remember in Kindergarten sitting at the counter and watching her make these ginormous jack-o-lantern sugar cookies for my class. After they cooled, she smothered them with homemade orange colored icing and then let me decorate the eyes and noses using candy corns. As I completed each one, she used shoe-string black licorice to create mouths. They were incredibly cool!

As I grew into a teenager, she gave me guidance. When a boy asked me to the prom, I shared it with my mom. She let me tell her how my feelings were conflicted because one of my friends had dated him not too long ago. In the end, I elected not to go with him. A decision I have never regretted.

My mom is driven. She has always had her own business. She has known when to get out from under it and start something new. She has encouraged me through example and words to reach my potential, try new things and never give up.

She is my sounding board when I am conflicted in a decision. She is my rock when I feel like running and she is someone I look up to and want to emulate.

Who was your biggest role model as a child? How did they influence who you are today?

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