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The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Epic Moments

I love a TV show that leaves you hanging each week. A show where you remain seated through the entire show just so you don’t risk missing something. The Complete Second Season of Vampire Diaries is just such a show.

I’ve shared that Season One has a few new vampires, werewolves and the love triangle between Elena Gilbert and those Salvatore brothers. It just keeps getting better with Season 2. Right from the launch there’s drama. There’s Damon and his sarcasm…then there’s the Damon who opens his cold-heart to share honesty with a girl he once loved.

It’s not just about Damon. Katherine returns, there’s a confrontation between Isobel and Jenna, who is eventually killed by Klaus. Oh! and Jeremy gets shot through the heart. I’m not going to spoil the fun and tell you by whom or the outcome.  There’s more newcomers and the twisted path of everyone’s agenda.

Really, The Vampire Diaries is must-see TV.

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