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The Vampire Diaries Behind the Scenes Bites

There are so many great shows out there. Some I can watch over and over again. One of those is The Vampire Diaries. There is always something I see that I missed the last time that really adds to the storyline. I’m also a sucker for special features. DVDs of my favorite shows give me the best of all worlds.

A DVD’s special features give insight to how the show is made, how the cast interacts with one another outside of production, or during those blooper moments. I think it’s hilarious when a serious scene is being filmed and someone makes up the lines they have forgotten taking the somber mood into one of laughter. Season Two of The Vampire Diaries has these behind-the-scenes moments preserved in the special features. I love Her Own Worst Enemy. It is watching the transformation of Nina Dobrev into Elena and Katherine.

I was fascinated to see how producers tape together (literally) the footage making it look like Elena and Katherine are face to face. It was interesting to see that even with today’s technology there is still a manual art form in creating. I take for granted so much of what I watch and fail to appreciate the long hours and labor that goes into a show. Watching behind-the-scenes special features of the Second Season: The Vampire Diaries renewed my love for the show.

Want to learn more about how The Vampire Diaries incorporates real wolves into the show or how Tyler transforms from human to werewolf? It’s all available on the DVD/Blu-Ray box set along with all 22 episodes. Order your copy of The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Second Season on DVD/Blu-Ray today!
*I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Second Season on DVD/Blu-Ray.
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