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Massage Envy

There’s No Reason to Be Envious
Thanks to Chevy and the Rocky Mountain Chevy Dealers

This week I have learned that I need to get out more. I’m a creature of habit. My typical pattern of commute is to the school and back, to the grocery store, and destinations all within about a five mile window.

My friend, Angie, and I had a Mom’s Night Out and Massage Envy was our destination. Angie recently moved and it was a great opportunity to visit my favorite gal pal. She offered to give me directions and I declined, “I have On Star and GPS Navigation!” I scolded.

Sometimes I speak before I think.

Cruising the streets C.I.T. and I reached the freeway. It was at the first exit, I realized I need to get out more. On Star’s navigation was taking me a route into downtown Salt Lake City that I had never traveled–and I’ve lived here pretty much my entire life. At one point, I even called my husband, using the OnStar HandsFree Calling, to make sure the road I was on was truly going to lead me to my destination. He replied, “Just follow the GPS!”Inside the Chevy Traverse I used the touch screen to enter Angie’s new address. I couldn’t’ get it to work. To be fair, I don’t think GPS Navigation is a big fan of Brigham Young and his city of grids. Our street addresses are relatively boring–growing larger East to West and North to South. After a few minutes of trying to determine the best way to enter “Second Avenue”, I just pressed the button and called On-Star. This is the beauty of the beast. Ryan, my On Star Navigation Advisor was eager to help and in no time had Angie’s Address locked in and loaded to the center console, complete with turn by turn voice prompts. Gotta love it!

Sure enough, downtown was correctly navigated!

Angie called, posing as an OnStar Navigation Assistant and I let her know I was nearly to her house! Woot! Woot!

Chaotic Comedy brought to you by Bon Jovi

Ahem…confessions from the heart. Bon Jovi was on XM Radio’s 80 on 8 and somehow, even though the Navigation Voice is loud and clear, I was so caught up in my singing that I missed a turn. This is not a good thing because I found myself beyond Angie’s house! Whew! Once I found my way out of the circle, C.I.T., GPS, and I were back on track and arrived at Angie’s house.

My detour had us running late, so we used OnStar to find the Sugar House Massage Envy. Gavin assisted us. I so love how easy On Star makes traveling. Gavin confirmed the address and then loaded the map–totally hands-free and effortless on our part!

We arrived at Massage Envy and met our Massage Therapists. Amanda met with Angie and Byron was my guy!

Massage Envy was the perfect Mom’s Time Out. I didn’t realize how much stress my muscles were holding. My arms, neck, and shoulders were knotted and Byron did an amazing job at releasing the tension and giving me pure relaxation. The music that played was soft and pleasant.

We appreciate your subscription to Mommy’s MemorandumOne hour and a full body massage later we were feeling amazing. I’ve had massages before but this one was extremely relaxing and my body felt rejuvenated! The best part is that you don’t have to be Envious, Chevy Mom’s Time Out has a massage waiting for you at Massage Envy.

The Rocky Mountain Gotta Love Chevy Moms Time Out campaign is being sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Chevy Dealers who are providing me with a ChevyTraverse to test drive for one month in exchange for blogging about my experiences using the vehicle. Mom’s Time Out will be giving us Mom Missions to complete and will be providing us with gift cards to cover the expense of each mission. All opinions stated are my own, completely honest and objective, and not influenced by the sponsor. Others’ experience may vary.

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