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Luxear Cooling Comforter Review

Sleep is essential for our well-being. Choosing the right bedding is important. This Luxear Cooling Comforter offers a night of sound sleep.

The temperature in the room has a lot to do with sleep.

Electricity is expensive, and we also struggle with maintaining an even temperature.

Add to this formula night flashes and a memory foam mattress (memory foam creates heat), and staying cool while sleeping becomes an endless battle.

Luxear Arc Cooling Comforter is highly effective through all seasons in helping maintain a comfortable body temperature.

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The difference between the comforter and the blanket is the comforter offers two layers of insulation, while the blanket is a single layer.

The cooling comforter uses technology to balance the regulation of breathability and moisture-wicking.

how cooling fabric works

When the body is warm, it sweats to cool itself.

Sweat with moisture-wicking removes heat and cools the body.

In fact, this comforter decreases your body temperature by up to 5-degree (Celsius).

The moisture-wicking of the Luxear Cooling Comforter uses Japanese Q-Max 0.4 Arc-Chill Cooling Fibers.

These cooling fibers absorb more heat than standard fiber and provide a comfortable, cool experience.

The comforter also uses Invista Dacron fiber.

This three-dimensional hollow structure allows more airflow, making the comforter breathable.

Luxear Arc-Cooling Comforter is double-sided and lightweight.

It’s ideal for all seasons, with one side utilizing cooling fibers and the reverse made from 100-percent cotton fabric.

This comforter offers single-needle quilting to secure the inner fiber filling so it doesn’t shift when the blanket is used or washed.

single needle stitching

Both sides are skin-friendly and luxuriously soft.

Color options are gray and blue.

It’s lightweight, making it perfect for draping on a bed or wrapping around you while you chill to streaming television.

luxear cooling comforter on bed

This comforter is also machine washable, though air-drying is recommended.

Are you ready for a good night’s sleep?

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Hurry discount ends 12-31-2022 .

Disclosure: I was sent the Luxear Arc-chill cooling comforter for the purposes of this review.

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