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Luxear Cooling Blanket Review

Got Night Sweats? Air Conditioner not keeping you cool at night? Get the Luxear Cooling Blanket from Amazon and sleep in comfort.

This blanket is like a cooling hug. It absorbs heat and cools you down.

It is made with high-quality Mica Nylon (80-percent) and a high-quality PE (polyethylene) cooling fabric (20-percent).

The PE Cooling fabric is created with Japanese Q-Max Fibers with a cool sensing rating of More Than 0.4 (Most Cool-sensing Fabrics Have Only 0.2).

These fibers absorb body heat, reducing skin temperature by 2 to 5° Celsius instantly.

“Q-Max Rating” is the Q-Max value of a product that measures the maximum instant skin heat loss when the human body touches the cooling fabric.

how cooling fabric works

Just like the company’s Luxear Arc-Chill Cooling Pillowcase, the LUXEAR Arc-Chill Cooling Blanket is made in the same way to ensure a more comfortable sleep experience any season.

Don’t let its cooling name fool you. Luxear Cooling blanket is double-sided.

One side cools, the other side is designed to keep you warm.

The warm side offers 100-percent natural bamboo fibers.

double sided blanket

These fibers aid in ventilation and moisture absorption.

This blanket is incredibly soft, ultra-cooling, breathable, and hypoallergenic.

Whether you’re binge-watching Netflix or using it at night to sleep, this blanket is comfort.

woman sleeping under cooling blanket

The Luxear Cooling Blanket is available in three sizes:

  • 51 x 67 inches
  • 59 x 79 inches
  • 79 x 86 inches

It’s ideal for a full Twin, Full or Queen size bed.

cooling blanket draped on bed

It’s lightweight and easy to wrap around your body or spread on the bed.

Luxear Arc-Cooling Blanket is machine washable, with a line dry recommendation to preserve the cooling effect.

It drip-dries quickly.

cooling blanket in front load washer

Get a cooling blanket.

It’s one blanket for four seasons.

Use discount code: DDL9454G

But hurry, discount expires: 12-26-22022

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